Xen Training Day at USENIX Annual Technical Conference

The day before Xen Summit in Boston a few weeks back, Xen.org hosted a Xen Training Day for attendees of the USENIX conference. 37 people attended a day long session about Xen which covered the basics of the Xen hypervisor as well as more complex subjects such as file systems, live relocation, etc. The session was taped and available along with the presentation slides (see links below). Thanks to Todd Deshane and Patrick Wilbur from Clarkson University for putting together all the information and demos for this training.

Session Description: http://www.usenix.org/events/usenix08/training/tutonefile.html#s4

Session Slides (Open Office Format): http://todddeshane.net/research/S4_Xen_Hypervisor_20080622.odp

Audio (MP3): http://todddeshane.net/research/S4_Xen_Hypervisor_20080622.mp3

Audio (OGG): http://todddeshane.net/research/S4_Xen_Hypervisor_20080622.ogg

General Xen Information HTML Page for Attendees: http://todddeshane.net/research/xen_drive/

Finally, the USENIX folks have invited Xen.org to repeat this training at LISA ’08 in a few months in San Diego. Xen.org will continue to have training for Xen at various events to further promote this great open source solution.