Xen.org Website Update Project

Xen.org Community:

One of the major areas for improvement this quarter will be the update of the existing Xen.org website into something that delivers the information you need in a easier to use structure while also meeting the needs of various groups of users. Here is a link to a proposed grouping of Xen.org website users. Attached to this blog posting are three documents with my latest thoughts on updating the structure/organization of the existing Xen.org site:

Xen.org Home Page Content Sections: Xen Home Page Contents.pdf

Xen.org Tab/Page Structure (diagram): Xen.org Tab-Page Structure in graph form.pdf

Xen.org Tab/Page Structure (text): Xen.org Tab-Page Structure in text form.pdf

I am looking for as much feedback as possible on this change as it will be a complete redesign of Xen.org and I want to make sure that everyone using the site is comfortable with the changes and has been given a chance to suggest updates they feel are important. My current thinking is to have the review period open for the rest of July and then post the final design proposal with everyone’s feedback included in early August. Please send all comments to stephen.spector@xen.org or as a comment to this posting.