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Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Language Update

The Program Committee has discussed the choice of primary language for the upcoming event in Tokyo and has made a change from the information I posted last week. The event will now be in English with Japanese translators available to allow for a larger global audience to attend. IT events in Japan are now being run with English as the primary language and Japanese translation available so Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) will follow this trend.

If you have any language questions, please contact me at

Xen API Community Project – Missing APIs

To Xen API Project Members:

I started looking at the Xen API code to see which API functions are not completed, as we discussed in our last meeting. I believe the correct file to search is at \tools\python\xen\xend and I looked at I found this piece of code:

def xen_api_todo():
“””Temporary method to make sure we track down all the TODOs”””
return {“Status”: “Error”, “ErrorDescription”: XEND_ERROR_TODO}

This tells me, if I am reading Python correctly, that anywhere we find this call, we will have an open API to work on. I have posted on the Wiki at a list of functions that need completion.  Hopefully I got this correct as I have never written code in Python and it has been some time since I wrote software.

I did not look at the full API document yet to see if any of those routines are missing in the file but that work is next…

Response on Virtual Iron and Citrix Blog Discussions

I recently read a ZDNet article at about some issues being taken by Virtual Iron with Simon Crosby’s statements. My response to the article is added as a comment and I wanted to make the community aware of my position. I believe that Simon’s comments were taken way out of context by the media who just love to “stir the pot” and the conclusions drawn in the article are a bit far fetched.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or add comments to this blog posting. I truly believe that the community is working well as new releases are occuring frequently and our “sold out” Xen Summit in Boston show a higher level of interest.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Call for Speakers

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 has completed the formation of a Program Committee and is actively looking for speakers interested in presenting their Xen work at this event. This 2-day event, November 20 & 21 at Fujitsu’s Labs, will be an in-depth examination of recent research, software development, and customer deployments of the open source Xen solution. Ian Pratt will be the featured speaker at this event as he gives his “State of the Project” presentation along with ideas on future areas of development for Xen. Please consider taking the time to speak at Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) and help make this a
highly useful and educational event. Please submit your topic ideas for consideration to by October 15, 2008 and I will ensure that it is considered by the Xen Summit Program Committee. All submissions should include a topic and short abstract in either Japanese or English. If you have any additional questions, please contact and I will see that your questions are answered promptly.

Event Language – this event will be primarily in Japanese and we are offering Japanese translation for speakers who present in English.


Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 発表者募集について

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 プログラム委員会では、Xenに関する発表を募集しています。

Xen Summitは、11月20日(木)と21日(金)の2日間、富士通幕張システムラボラトリにて開





プロジェクトリーダのIan Prattも本イベントへの参加は勿論、Xenプロジェクトの現状と


皆さまの発表により、ぜひXen Summit Tokyo (Asia)を実りのあるイベントにしていきま




応募内容については、Xen Summitプログラム委員会での審査の後、採択が決定されます。






Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 プログラム委員会 Website Update Project Community:

One of the major areas for improvement this quarter will be the update of the existing website into something that delivers the information you need in a easier to use structure while also meeting the needs of various groups of users. Here is a link to a proposed grouping of website users. Attached to this blog posting are three documents with my latest thoughts on updating the structure/organization of the existing site: Home Page Content Sections: Xen Home Page Contents.pdf Tab/Page Structure (diagram): Tab-Page Structure in graph form.pdf Tab/Page Structure (text): Tab-Page Structure in text form.pdf

I am looking for as much feedback as possible on this change as it will be a complete redesign of and I want to make sure that everyone using the site is comfortable with the changes and has been given a chance to suggest updates they feel are important. My current thinking is to have the review period open for the rest of July and then post the final design proposal with everyone’s feedback included in early August. Please send all comments to or as a comment to this posting.

Xen Case Study – Building a Time Machine

Here is the first new “case study” from the new Xen Around the World Project. Scot Stevenson detailed a project to use Xen for the creation of a backup Time Machine server.

Info from Scot:

These are my notes on how I set up a Ubuntu Linux server at home to provide Time Machine backup and home video storage to our MacBooks. It is a simple step-by-set list of what I did, with very little background on the why. I wrote this text for myself so it will easier to do it all over again if alien face-huggers burst through the floor and destroy the computer with their acid blood. I am publishing it on the Internet in case somebody else has a similar project in the works.

Xen Time Machine.pdf