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Xen-based Amazon EC is getting block storage

Good news:  The  probably well-known (though still in beta), Xen-based service EC2 from Amazon is getting a new feature, that some(at least myself di) might have missed since a while: Elastic Block Storage! While until know, changing data on the EC2 system could only be stored in a S3 webservice or any database running on your traditional provider’s host, they now offer a service with “normal” block device storage.

While I’ve been hesitating to spend time getting into the technology and usage of this service, it seems to become quite interesting now!

There is even a clone already, that offer similar functionality (also Xen-based, and even said to be  API compatible with EC2): Eucalyptus.

Power IT Down Day August 27

August 27 is POWER IT DOWN DAY – Turn off the power cord that powers up your printer, computer, monitor, etc. to join a global effort in reducing power consumption. You can save about 13 kWh powering down all your work devices for fifteen hours, which represents about 6.85 kg less CO2 in the atmosphere and savings of US $1.30 in power.

Take part by signing up for the email reminder at and see what we can all do to implement a Greener IT.

NOTE – This effort is a joint project between HP, Intel, and Citrix.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Call for Topics / Speakers

Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 is fast approaching and the Xen Summit Program Committee is ready to review and accept your topic proposal for the event. The Committee is actively reviewing topics so please send your topic for consideration to in either English or Japanese. All submitted topics will be reviewed by the Program Committee and your submission should include a topic and short abstract in either English or Japanese.

This 2-day event, November 20 & 21 at Fujitsu’s Labs, will be an in-depth examination of recent research, software development, and customer deployments of the open source Xen solution. Ian Pratt will be the featured speaker at this event as he gives his “State of the Project” presentation along with ideas on future areas of development for Xen. Please consider taking the time to speak at Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) and help make this a highly useful and educational event.


> (Japanese)


> Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008の開催が近づいてきました。Xen Summitプログラム委員会

> では現在、本イベントに対して皆さまからの話題提案を募集中です。委員会では、お寄せ

> いただいた話題を順次レビューしていますので、皆さまのアイディアをお早めに

> までお寄せください。英語または日本語どちらでも結構で

> す。委員会でレビューできるよう、メールにはタイトルと簡単な発表要旨をお書きください。


> 11月20日(木)と21日(金)の2日間のイベントでは、オープンソースXenに関する最近の研

> 究、ソフトウェア開発および、利用分野の拡大について実のある議論をおこないます。

> Ian Prattも講演者として参加し、プロジェクトの現状として、Xenの開発に関するこれ

> からの方向性も含めたプレゼンテーションをおこなう予定です。皆さま、どうぞXen

> Summit Tokyo (Asia)にて発表いただき、最高に有意義で実りのある議論にしていきま

> しょう。


> Xen Summitプログラム委員会

Xen Client Initiative Meeting – August 19

The XCI project is meeting on August 19th at 9am EST for a presentation from Fujitsu on their USB virtualization. Information on their project is at

Dial-in information:
Global Number List:
Code: 275729

Xen 3.3 DataSheet Proposal

Xen Community:

As with all things in the community, I would like to give everyone a chance to comment on a new document. The upcoming release of Xen 3.3 requires the release of a new 2 page datasheet. Here is a proposed document that I recently wrote – xen33datasheet.pdf. Please send me any of your thoughts.

Note -the front page is a higher level marketing view of Xen 3.3 and the second page is the nuts and bolts feature list for the hardcore Xen community.