Monthly Archives: September 2008

Xen Summit North America 2009 at Oracle : Program Committee Volunteers

The Xen Summit North America event is currently scheduled for February 24 – 25, 2009 at Oracle HQ in Northern California. I am looking for individuals in the Xen Community who are interested in volunteering for the Xen Summit Program Committee for this event. The Program Committee will review all topic submissions and assist in putting together the content for the event as well as leading the proceedings by introducing the speakers.

If you are interested in being on the Program Committee,  please send me an email by October 15, 2008 as I plan to have the Program Committee in place by mid October to start working on the event plans.

Open Source Business Conference 2009

I received an invitation to have Xen sponsor a booth at the OSBC 2009 conference in San Francisco. I attended this event earlier in the year, my notes are here, and would like to see if anyone is interested in participating as part of the Xen booth. My thinking is that we have a general Xen booth with content and representatives from various groups who build solutions with Xen. As there is a cost to have a booth at this event, all participants would be required to contribute to the fee.

If you are interested, please let me know.

Xen Solution Search Tool – Design Review

Xen Community:

I am getting ready to start development of the Xen Solution Search Tool that will be a part of the new site. This tool will allow customers to easily search and find a variety of solutions from companies and individuals providing services and products based on open source Xen. I am using the phpMyDirectory tool for this solution and wanted to provide the community with my thinking for feedback so I can deliver a service that meets everyone’s needs. A sample demo of the phpMyDirectoy tool is at The final solution will of course have the current look and feel but this demo site gives you a basic idea of the tool.

My current proposal is based on having users search on the home page of the tool on these categories:

  • Solution Type (Virtualization Provider, Xen Hosting Provider, Cloud Computing Provider, Consulting Firms, Consultants)
  • Company Name
  • Location (Country or “Global”)

Am I missing an important search criteria that you would expect? Do you agree with the solution type categories? I appreciate all responses as I start putting together this new tool to help Xen prospects find the solution they need based on open source Xen.

Thanks to Cyberneticos ( for hosting the solution on a Xen virtual machine for the community.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Promotion

To help drive attendance and awareness of the Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) event at Fujitsu we are doing a 2 month advertisement on the well read Japanese site to drive prospects to an information page at  If you are thinking about coming to the Xen Summit in Japan then be sure to get the latest information at 

If you are aware of anyone that might be interested, please send them a link to the Xen Summit information page as we start our final 2 month push for attendee registration.

Xen in the Industry Section on Home Page

On the new home page of, we have a section “Xen in the Industry.” This section has slides and audio/video from Ian Pratt and Simon Crosby presentations at various events. As this is an open community, I want to make sure that everyone is able to submit content for this section if they or someone they know presents at a conference representing the community or with a Xen based presentation. Please send all content to me and I will ensure that it gets posted.