Monthly Archives: September 2008

Community Assistance with Presentation

Next week I will be part of a panel on virtualization at an HP event in NY for financial CIOs.  The panel is focused on these topics about open source software and virtualization, listed below. If you have any thoughts that you would like expressed by me at this event let me know. This is a great chance for our community to express our thoughts on virtualization and open source in the enterprise.

  • Open Source vs Proprietary Virtualization
  • Challenges / issues customers face with virtualization in the enterprise
  • Open source applications vs proprietary applications for virtualization
  • What – Where – How to Virtualize
  • Cloud Computing – What are Risks?
  • Virtual Appliances

Xen 3.4 Feature Request from Customers

To Xen customers:

If  you are using Xen, either as a direct download from the site or from a partner who is leveraging Xen as their virtualization engine (e.g. Oracle, RedHat, Novell, Sun, etc) they I am looking for you. The Xen development community is actively looking for feedback on the existing solution as the new Xen 3.4 release plan is built. All feature ideas can be submitted to this blog posting as a comment, direct mail to myself, or via an email to xen-devel.

Xen Mascot?

Ian Pratt and I were discussing the fact that open source Xen has no “mascot” like other open source projects and we joked about some possibilities (see my list below). I am curious to see what ideas the community has for a “mascot”. NOTE – this is just for fun and I don’t anticipate Xen having a mascot anytime soon.

JabberJaw -  jabberjaw.jpg

Kenny the Shark – kennyshark.jpg

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Registration LIVE!

The Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) registration system is now active at For people who speak Japanese, please visit this site to assist with registration: If you have any problems with the registration system, please contact me.

The event fee is $50 and a listing of nearby hotels is at