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Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Agenda

The final agenda for Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) hosted by Fujitsu is almost complete and ready for promotion on the website; however, I wanted to give the community a sneak peak in case you were still considering attending:  Xen Summit Agenda

There are still some changes being made but the basic agenda is pretty much complete.

Xen Roadmap Document

Xen Community:

I have started work on an update of the existing Xen Roadmap Document that Ian Pratt wrote in July 2006. The current document is in the Xen Wiki at As Xen is a community effort, I am looking for content from developers who are working on new functionality or improving existing features. If you have text to add to the new document, please contact me.

Ohloh Journaling

I recently spoke to the people at Ohloh about having the project become a more active participant with their community tools. I am focusing on the Ohloh Journaling solution and would like to get community feedback on this tool. A nice, short video of the tool is available at with a complete overview at

If you are using this tool already or have a comment, please add it to this blog posting or email me directly. This tool appears to be an excellent way for the community to communicate quickly without necessarily using the mailing lists for items that may not need a formal mail message.

USENIX LISA 2008 Xen Training Day

Update for the community on the Xen Training Day session at USENIX LISA 2008 in 2 weeks – we have 69 people registered for the class which makes us the 2nd most attended training session at the event. There is still time for us to pass the leader who has 74 registrants and the other sessions have about 35 registrants so there is clearly demand for Xen training at technical events.

If you come across an event where you think Xen training would be beneficial, please let me know so I can assist in setting everything up.

NEW: Xen Introspection Project Launching…

A new community led project within, the Xen Introspection Project, is being officially launched today.

The purpose of the Xen Introspection Project is to design an API for performing VM introspection and implement the necessary functionality into Xen. It is anticipated that the project will include the following activities (in loose order):

(1) Identification of specific services/functions that introspection should support
(2) Discussion of how that functionality could be achieved under the Xen architecture
(3) Prioritization of functionality and activities
(4) API definition
(5) Implementation.

Some potential applications of VM introspection include security, forensics, debugging, and systems management.

I will be setting up a new email alias shortly (having problems with the system today) and will also be contacting interested community members to setup the first meeting; most likely next week. A Xen Wiki section is setup for the project with three new pages:

  1. Project Information:
  2. Meeting Minutes:
  3. Project Updates:

If you are interested in being on the first meeting, please email me with your contact information so I can make sure you are on the initial meeting setup mailing list. Please add a comment about Xen Introspection so I know that you are interested in this project from your email.