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Virtualization for Dummies Book Review

I recently met Bernard Golden, CEO of Navica and author of Virtualization for Dummies, at the HP Open Source Financial Market event where he was the moderator of the virtualization session that I represented on. We spoke about his recently released book and I offered to promote it on this blog; after reading it of course.

So, for those of you just starting in the virtualization space and looking for an excellent introduction into the terminology, design, and implementation of virtualization I highly recommend this book. Besides my bias of having one of my managers, Simon Crosby writing the Forward,  I was impressed on how Bernard went beyond the basic technical concepts to include sections on making a business case for virtualization, cost-benefit analysis, managing a virtualization project, migrating to a virtualized environment, and setting up a data storage system to support the environment.

This book is not your typical “… for Dummies” book as it really is a primer for putting together a complete plan for designing, implementing, and running a sophisticated virtualized environment.

PHP Help Needed

Xen Community – if there is anyone out there with php experience (I imagine there are lots) and has some time to volunteer for than I could use your help. I am working on the implementation of the new Solution Search Tool for which is based on phpMyDirectory and need some help in getting the look & feel of the tool to match the current look. I would imagine this to be somewhere between 2 to 10 hours total work so if you have the time and knowledge, please let me know.

Xen Summit Europe 2009 – LinuxTAG Opportunity

As I presented in my 2009 Xen Summit plan, I am working to host a Xen Summit event in Germany next Summer. I recently spoke with the LinuxTAG managers and they are currently planning to host their event June 24 – 27, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. I believe this to be an excellent conference for us to “piggyback” on so I am considering LinuxTAG for our first Xen Summit Germany event. We have 3 ways to particiapte with LinuxTAG:

  1. Hold a 1 day event during LinuxTAG that is open to all LinuxTAG attendees but is separate from the main event
  2. Create a “ Virtualization” track within the general LinuxTAG event where our members present various topics during the LinuxTAG event itself which we can promote as a Virtualization track.
  3. Combine items #1 and #2 below to still hold something separate for Xen Summit but also promote as a track

I find the second option very interseting, but would like to get feedback from the community on ideas for implementing our event with LinuxTAG.

If anyone has feedback on other conferences I should consider, please let me know or comment on this blog posting as I would like to finalize the schedule for 2009 concerning this event.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) – Sample Topics & Confirmed Companies/Universities

The following companies and universities are now confirmed for speaking at Xen Summit Tokyo:

  • Fujitsu, Citrix, VALinux, Samsung, Neterion, Google, NEC, NTT, Marathon, Oracle, & ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corp.
  • National Research Center of Intelligent Computer Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of British Columbia, Keio Univ., The University of Tokyo, & University of Tsukuba

Here are some sample topics being presented next month at Xen Summit in Tokyo:

  • Rainbow: Capacity Oriented Virtualized Computing Framework for Virtualized Data Center
  • Services in the Virtualization Plane
  • Network Bandwidth Isolation
  • VMM-based Approach to Detecting Stealthy Keyloggers
  • Controlling System Calls and Protecting Application Data in Virtual Machines
  • Modernization of Kemari using HVM with PV Drivers
  • Practical application of Xen management API with Light Weight Language (Jruby)
  • Evaluation and consideration of the Credit Scheduler for client virtualization

If you have any questions on this event and need more information, please contact me soon as the event is next month.

Xen at Encuentro Linux 2008.

The “Encuentro Linux” is, besides Open Community, one of the most important FLOSS event in Chile. This year, the “Encuentro Linux” will be held in Concepción, about 500 kilometers to the south of Santiago and Xen will be present.

Victor Hugo dos Santos will expose mainly about XenSource and his experience with this Citrix’s product in his job. The agenda for his presentation:

  1. Why Xen?
  2. Differences between Xen and other comerical/closed virtualization products.
  3. Differences between Open Source virtualization products.
  4. How to get Virtualization and not “Vitorization” (play on owrds with virtualization and Victor’s name).
  5. Xen’s install process and administratio, where Victor will demostrate a 20-minutes install

If you want to come, Victor’s presentation will be in the Auditorium located in the Faculty of Education on October 23th at 15.05.

But that’s not all! The “Encuentro Linux” will held a Xen demostration during the Open Day (October 22nd) in the afernoon in the community area. Boris Quiroz (that’s me) will be talking about Xen and its architecture, why to use Xen, giving examples of Xen utilization and, obviusly, answering their questions.

More information: