Monthly Archives: November 2008

Community Profile Pages Update

I have completed the update of the Community Profile pages to include the speakers from Xen Summit Tokyo as well as re-organize the site to better accommodate the many people listed. The new site is at I have also changed the way that the individual profiles are listed; e.g. Ian Pratt. Instead of one long list of names, I have the individuals grouped according to the following categories:

  • Community Member Highlights
  • Xen Summit June 2008 Speakers
  • Xen Summit November 2008 Speakers
  • Community Members At-Large

You can see the links on the bottom of the list to the other groupings. If you have any comments on the new design or have a better idea, please add it to the comments so I can make this site even better.

Project Snowflock Update

From Andres Lagar-Cavilla:

Rejoice! A new version of SnowFlock is out there..

This is a bugfix update in preparation for a 64bit release. Some of the things we fixed include:
– Exception handling and lock-up avoidance in the control plane
– Compatibility with “vanilla” Xen suspend/resume and migration
– Better MPI scalability
– etc
SnowFlock is available in code and binary format. Check out the download page at
or its alias

Thinking About Speaking at Xen Summit in Feb 2009?

To those of you in the US who celebrate Thanksgiving, please remember to think about what you would like to present at Xen Summit as you collapse on the couch from eating too much turkey. For the rest of the world, I hope you are able to take some time over the next few days to also think about presenting at Xen Summit; after all, I will make you famous on the Community page! The procedure for submitting topics is available at h for your consideration.

Looking forward to reading the various topic submissions from the community.

Xen Document Project

To support the growing interest in having updated documentation for the Xen Hypervisor, I have created a Xen Wiki page where anyone interested in working on documentation or making a request for documentation can track the community effort. The page is and contains three sections:

  • Xen User Manual Information
  • Xen Shipped Documentation
  • Xen Source Documentation

If you would like to work on an item, please add your name next to the topic so someone else doesn’t duplicate the work. To edit the Wiki page, I will need your Wiki ID in case you are not already setup as an editor. Send your ID to and I will setup your editing abilities.

Xen Wiki in Multiple Languages

I received an email today from Igor Chubin who informed me of his efforts to translate the Xen Wiki and documentation into Russian. I added the Russian Wiki link to the current Xen Wiki Tranlsation Home Page –  The link to the Xen 3.0 User Document Guide in Russian is

If you are working on a translation and it is not on the Xen Wiki Translation page, please let me know.