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Xen Summit Tokyo – Day 2 Update

The second day of Xen Summit Tokyo was even larger than day 1 with 143 attendees! More pictures from the event are linked below. Thanks to all the people at Fujistu in Japan for hosting the event and helping with the planning. Also, thanks to the members of the Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) program committee for their time and efforts in reviewing all the submitted topics and putting together the final agenda. The complete event slides and videos will be available next week at

Room Day 2
Ian Pratt Closing
Speakers 2

I am looking forward to our next community event in late February; Xen Summit North America hosted by Oracle.

Community Member Highlight – Boris Quiroz

As continues to grow with people from around the world, it will be harder for “everyone” to know “everyone”. So, I am starting a new project with this blog post where I highlight different members who contribute in a variety of ways – developers, users, testers, etc. If you see someone doing something interesting or useful to your Xen contribution, please reach out and contact them. I have included social networking links to make it easier to connect.

All people highlighted will have their profiles added to the current community member page at If you are interested in being profiled or know someone that I should talk with, please let me know.


Current Position – CEO of Substance (

Education -  Networking Engineer, Universidad Tecnologica de Chile

Xen Involvement – I was introduced to Xen in 2006 in a Novell meeting. Since then I’ve been working with it using different Linux’s distros as DomO, and different OS as DomU’s. In 2007, I gave my fist speach about Xen at the 7th Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre ( held in CÛrdoba, Argentina. A few months later, I gave my second speach about Xen at Universidad Tecnologica de Chile. In both events, attendance has execeeded 70 people. The same year I developed the first virtualization project in Santiago of Chile; a 7-to-1 consolidation which is still up and running. This project has created more opportunities to spread Xen in Santiago other cities of Chile. My recent presentation in Spanish and English at Encuentro Linux are available on in the “Xen in the Industry” section.

Thoughts on Xen – I think Open Source Xen is a great technology that allows us to use our computational resources more effectively. I think that’s one of the ideas we must show to people so they begin to use it.

As I said in CÛrdoba on 2007: “Using Xen you are also helping our planet: you’re helping to reduce global warming. This is not only about computers. It’s about people.”

Social Network Profiles

Web Home Page:

Xen Projects on

I did a search of all the Xen related projects and found a list of 63 projects. Many of the projects have no available download which I suppose means that it was not completed (?); however, I found many projects with downloads available for users. The complete list of the projects is here at  sf-project-list.odt or sf-projectlist.pdf.

If anyone is using these projects, please add some comments to let other people know about the solutions. Also, I do see that two major projects – Xen ARM and Xen Access Library are included; so my focus is on some of the lesser known projects.

Ohloh Journal

Xen Community – I have started a journal on the Ohloh Xen Projects Page ( for anyone interested to follow.  This service allows anyone in Xen to quickly create a Journal and associate it with the Xen project. There are currently 85 people listed as members of the Xen project in Ohloh and I encourage everyone not linked to Ohloh to sign up. I will be working on a method to integrate the Ohloh Xen Project Journal containing my postings and other people’s postings with the site; should have that up and running in the next few days.

If you have any quetsions about Ohloh please let me know.