Xen Fault Tolerance – Kemari released

Yoshiaki Tamura released Kemari – an open source Xen Fault Tolerance mechanism – in the version 1.0. He presented Kemari both at the Xen Summits 2008 in Boston and Tokyo where he caught lots of attention by showing the “survival” of a virtual machine even if the hardware of one cluster node is powered off immideately. There is a video on the project website showing a fault tolerance Windows XP.

Now this technology can be used by applying the Kemari patches to Xen 3.3. Afterwards a virtual machine can be made highly available by using the xm-migration command with the special option --kemari:

# xm migrate <domid> <destination> --kemari &

For further information please reference the install guide on the project website.

Release information on mailinglist:

Kemari project website with downloads and installation guide: