Monthly Archives: December 2008

Finally a Xen Kernel in Debian Lenny

Good news for Debian users.

After quite a long while of doubts if there will be a working, complete Xen environment in the upcoming Debian Lenny, there are Xen packages with an up to date dom0 Kernel available:

Thanks to the debian guys who put their energy into getting this solved (whoever actually made these patches, I don’t know yet) ! Still, I guess we’re all looking forward bein able to use real vanilla pv_ops kernels for dom0, as well as for domU with a full feature set…

3 New Projects on Community Projects Page

Three new Xen related projects from the University of British Columbia are now listed on the community projects page at The projects are:

Latex Help on User.tex

Xen Community:

I have updated the Xen User.tex file to reflect the current release; Xen 3.3 but cannot get the Table of Contents to load properly in the final pdf verison of the file. If you pull down the latest build you will see most recent document which I changed in October and a new pdf file that I just made. The user.toc file looks fine but it fails to load on the make command. Anyone with Latex experience who can help me would be justly rewarded!!!

New Mailing List :

I have created a new mailing list for members of the community who wish to discuss Xen in Japanese. You can subscribe at I will be adding this mailing list to the overall mailing list webpage on once I get some connections issues resolved.

(Japanese – I hope)

私は日本語でXenを論議したいコミュニティのメンバーのための新しいメーリングリストを作成した。で予約購読できる。 私はXen.orgの全面的なメーリングリストのWebページに私がある関係問題を解決されて得ればこのメーリングリストを加える。

New Project – VHPCE

A new Xen project was added to the Community Page – VHPCE.

Project Site:
Project Contact: Xin Jun (
Project Description:    The VHPCE core concept and component is virtual cluster,  the management unit is virtual cluster or virtual node instead of physical node. Features includes customizing virtual cluster, monitor virtual cluster, cluster template and the amigo file system for CAS-style storage virtual cluster cross cluster.

Xen Roadmap Document

Xen Community:

I have been working on the new Xen Roadmap Document and almost have it complete. I would like to get feedback from the community on the current version of the document. Please let me know if we need to add more sections, update existing sections, remove sections, etc. I am open for any feedback from the community so we can have a new document posted on the Wiki.

Xen Roadmap Document – Open Office

Xen Roadmap Document – Word