Monthly Archives: January 2009 to be Discussed at Evans Data Developer Relations Conference

For those of you interested in the community aspects of open source and developer programs, I am presenting an overivew of our community at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference. The program agenda and overall information is online. The event is March 16-17 in San Jose, CA and I will be sharing my presentation wtih the community before the event to get feedback and new ideas.

Xen at DoS

On January 29th and 30th will held at Universidad Catolica del Maule in Talca, Chile, the first Developer of Summer. The activity aims to explore new technologies and new programming techniques with keynotes and training sessions about open source development.

On January 30th I’ll be speaking about the Xen Hypervisor: how it works, its benefits, its community and some other projects related with Xen. If you think I must, could, should include any other topic just let me know. Any feedback is welcome about those topics and any other.

Have you registered for Xen Summit at Oracle?

Xen Community:

If you haven’t registered for Xen Summit at Oracle, what are you waiting for? I just booked my hotel at the Extended Stay in San Carlos for $85 a night which includes a full kitchen, queen bed, and office area – not bad in CA for $85 a night. There is also a post from Dan M in the blog about another hotel nearby for $45 a night. Very affordable. If you are looking to share a room with someone in CA for the event, let me know and I can try and match you up.

As for the event itself, $215 for 2 days of great conversation as well as an evening out with food and drinks (plenty of beer) at the Computer Museum and a great Xen jacket for all attendees. I also have slots for 15 college students looking to attend at no charge – just email me if you would like a slot.

Event Registration –

Multiple Languages on : Test

Xen Community:

I am starting a new effort in translating the site to multiple languages. Since I am not sure what language is most in demand and even if the community is looking for this type of feature; I am running an experiment on the About Xen page (

I have currently posted the page in English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. I am still waiting for the Korean translation to be completed before posting.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts.