Xen.org Multi-language Page Update

I wanted to update everyone on the success of the translation of the About Xen page on Xen.org (http://www.xen.org/about/).  The early trends are showing two groupings of languages in terms of readership:

1) German, Spanish, and Japanese
2) Chinese and Portuguese

In terms of overall reading of the About Xen page, there is an overall increase in page hits and I am seeing more than 40% of the readers using the translated pages.

So, I would like to continue translating other pages so we can further meet the demand that exists for multi-lingual pages. If you would like to help, I am planning to translate  the Community home page next (http://www.xen.org/community/).

If you want to translate, please add a comment below with the language you are working on so we don’t have duplicate efforts. Send me the final text and I will update the website.