Monthly Archives: March 2009 Events – Final Proposal to Community

Xen Community:

In a follow-up to my previous event posting to the community, is a final proposal for our yearly meetings. Please let me know if you have any additional feedback or thoughts.

Xen Summit

I am planning to host 2 developer focused events a year with one in the US (Mid Spring) and one in Asia (Late Fall/Winter). The US events will alternate between the East and West Coast and the Asia event will rotate amongst various countries in the region.

These will be highly technical in nature and marketed internally to the community. Our next Xen Summit is at Intel in Shanghai, China on November 19 – 20, 2009.

Xen Directions

I am creating a new event , Xen Directions, that will become our tecnical marketing outreach to various technical communities such as Linux administrators, Windows administrators, etc. These events will allow the community to spread the Xen message to a wider audience of people interested in virtualization.

Our first Xen Directions event is this summer in Germany at LinuxTAG on June 27th. I am also planning an event in 2010 in South America and will be looking for other locations to co-locate with. Please let me know if  you are aware of an event that would be perfect for Xen to host a Directions event with.

Thanks to everyone for their input on this update of our community event plans and I look forward to continuing our successful expansion of

Status of XenFS

When I checked back on this post something appeared to have broken; I’m blaming Firefox somehow playing badly with the WordPress web interface.  Hopefully the problems are now fixed and the article will be visible.  Sorry about that.

Now and again, I get e-mails asking me about the state of the XenFS project.  It’s something I’ve been working on for some time now and I haven’t always been very good at keeping the world up-to-date about my progress.  I thought it would be good if I summarised the state of things here, to start with.  In this article I give an overview of the arguments for XenFS and the techniques used.  I’ve necessarily missed out a lot of detail but I might provide occasional updates on the work in future, depending on peoples’ interest in this stuff.

View the full article to read more…

Continue reading Brochure Available

The new Xen Champions community and I have been working on a new 2 Page brochure that can be used at events, meetings, etc where you want to have a handout about the community and technology. The attached pdf is the final result of that work; however, community contributions are always available so please send any updates or changes for consideration.

Final PDF –

Open Office (editable) Documents – &

Training Videos for Xen Community

During my daily xen mailing list review and tracking ( I have noticed that many people are having problems with compiling or launching domains that are usually similar in nature. I also had a conversation yesterday with some people about using open source Xen and the most common answer was that it was too hard and they needed more assistance.

So, I have been thinking about creating some video tutorials for common tasks that are done for open source Xen – e.g. compiling, launching domains, etc. If anyone is interested in creating some videos let me know and I can setup a place for storage and promotion on the site.

I plan to try and make my first video next week on compiling Xen 3.3.1.