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Citrix Project Satori Announced

Citrix Project Satori is the result of a collaborative agreement between XenSource and Microsoft, and was carried forward after XenSource was acquired by Citrix Systems. The base Satori components are released by Microsoft as the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V, and provide support for paravirtualized XenLinux guests running on Hyper-V. The Linux Integration Components can be downloaded here.

The complete source code and license information (GPL version 2) on this project is now availalbe at

Xen 3.4 Feature Request List

As the community begins the work to close down Xen 3.4 and finalize testing, I would like to reach out to the developers who have written new features or improved existing services so I can get a complete feature update list and start working on creating short blog entries for the new features.  Please email me directly the feature you worked on and if you are interested in helping me with the blog posting. Thanks.

Launch DomU from Images

In the third posting on my explorations with Xen 3.3.1, I am going to highlight the steps I followed and problems I had when launching several pre-built DomU images from

1) I downloaded three DomU images from – Debian, Fedora, & Slackware . NOTE: Make sure you go to and not I got the same website but only was able to download from the non-www site

2) I modified the configuration files as in my previous posting ( and  also added the extra=’xencons=tty’ line.

3) Standard steps to start Xen and run the DomU –
sudo xend start
sudo xm list (ensure Dom0 running)
sudo xm create -c fedora9
sudo xm list (ensure DomU running)

4) To get to the fedora9 DomU – type sudo xm console 2 ; to switch back Control + ] ; NOTE – these commands should be done in the same terminal that the xm create command was entered in

Finally, the images are all text based so don’t expect to see a new window launch with an X-Windows Interface. This was something I expected and cost me a few days to figure out.

Stay tuned, in my next post I plan to take a full graphical Linux OS and turn it into a DomU.

Xen Summit Events – Open Discussion

Xen Community:

In the past, would host a Xen Summit event every 9 months in North America alternating between the East Coast and West Coast of the United States. Last year, held a very successful event in Tokyo at Fujitsu’s Labs and we are currently planning to host an event this fall in Shanghai, China at Intel’s Labs.

With these new events in Asia, I would like to propose the following standard event calender for the Xen developer community:

  • Spring : Xen Summit North America
  • Fall: Xen Summit Asia

These two events will be the primary developer focused events for the year and will allow the community to reach a larger development and university reasearch audience. Our events in Europe and South America will get different names as they are not so developer focused but rather more on the Xen technology and research promotion – open to suggestions for new names?

Please add your comments here or via xen-devel as I will be posting this information there shortly.

Twitter Account Up and Running

I have a twitter account up and running – xen_com_mgr. I will be posting information about open source virutalization, Xen. and other informaiton I find relevant to the community. To follow me, please go to as I can’t seem to find a link directly to my user name; sorry.