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Xen Community Participation

When it comes to open source communities, most people think of contributing via software development,  product testing, and online support. While all these areas are critically important to the community, there are other ways that people can contribute.  In this blog post, I would like to list some ideas for people looking to add value to the community:

  • Documentation – There is always a need for better documentation (especially in multiple languages) . There is an ongoing document project at; we are always looking for areas to work on and people to assist in writing the documents
  • Wiki – The current wiki – is available in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and French. We always need more languages or additional translation for these languages. Wiki Translation page is
  • Event Speakers – The community always benefits from people presenting at various events around the world about the Xen Hypervisor and the community. Slides are available in English and Spanish to assist in building a presentation.  (Would like to have other languages available as well). Please post on the blog or let me know what events you are speaking at.
  • User Groups – Start your own user group! Both Brazil and Italy have groups and I am looking to further expand our global community.
  • Champions Group – A group of community members interested in sharing ideas and supporting all marketing efforts associated with the community and Xen hypervisor. More details at
  • Specific Language Mailing Lists – We currently have a Xen community mailing list for Japanese speakers – – and can easily setup another language if necessary.
  • Event Participation – Both Xen Summits and Xen Directions events require community support in reviewing and selecting topics for the final agenda; Xen Summit/Directions Program Committee.  All community members are encouraged to participate in a Program Committee
  • Case Studies – Help find or write a Xen case study; showing the user community the value of the open source Xen hypervisor is of great value to the project’s success. Current case studies at
  • Blog, Blog, Blog – The community has an open blog for anyone wanting to publish at If you wish to become an author, contact me for full rights. I also have a Blogroll on the page and will add any Xen related blog – just contact me.
  • Twitter, Twitter, Twitter – I have started to post related information as xen_com_mgr and have over 200 followers including several people who are also posting info such as XenHypervisor, XceptN, timbury, diegomarino. If you are on twitter, please let me know so I can follow you.
  • Social Networks -  I am currently aware of  Xen related groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Ohloh, Xing, & Plaxo. You can find links to all these groups at Take some time to answer questions on these groups or post information about Xen.  If you are running another group or aware of another network, please let me know.

Of course, this is just a list of possible ways that you can contribute to the community beyond the standard develop, test, and support. If you have other ideas please add comments or send me an email. I look forward to the continuing success of Xen and the community.

Xen Client Initiative Meeting Update

Xen Community:

The next XCI project meeting is tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST. I will be taking minutes of this meeting and posting at


* Experiences with the build
* PV USB implementations and API
* Open Discussion

Dial-in Information

1.888.371.8921 US
08000284319 UK
International Numbers –
Code: 275279

Running HXEN with Linux Guests

Continuing my testing of the new HXEN project…

The current version of HXEN is focused on bringing up Windows guests (Vista & Windows 7); however, I wanted to see what happens if I bring up Linux guests. If anyone is also running Linux guests, I would like to get your feedback based on what I am seeing.

Host Machine – Windows XP Tablet, Dual-Processor with VT-d

Linux – Ubuntu 9.04

I am able to enter all the data required for installation; however the system freezes at the same place after multiple installation attempts – installing system window at 15% with detecting file systems on bottom of window.

Linux – Centos 4.3

I am able to completely install the Centos 4.3 and launch for user login; however, when the system is ready to display my login screen the windows goes black and nothing happens. NOTE – In order to launch the OS after installation change the .BAT file boot argument  from dc to cd.

USENIX Annual Tech Conference 2009

The USENIX Annual Tech Conference 2009 is scheduled for June 14-19, 2009 in San Diego, CA. Both Wenjin Hu and Zach Shepard from Clarkson University who ran the Xen Hypervisor tutorials at LISA 2008 will be running the Virtualization Tutorials at this event with a focus on open source Xen.  I encourage everyone interested in learning more about open source Xen in a hands on training environment to attend.