Running HXEN with Linux Guests

Continuing my testing of the new HXEN project…

The current version of HXEN is focused on bringing up Windows guests (Vista & Windows 7); however, I wanted to see what happens if I bring up Linux guests. If anyone is also running Linux guests, I would like to get your feedback based on what I am seeing.

Host Machine – Windows XP Tablet, Dual-Processor with VT-d

Linux – Ubuntu 9.04

I am able to enter all the data required for installation; however the system freezes at the same place after multiple installation attempts – installing system window at 15% with detecting file systems on bottom of window.

Linux – Centos 4.3

I am able to completely install the Centos 4.3 and launch for user login; however, when the system is ready to display my login screen the windows goes black and nothing happens. NOTE – In order to launch the OS after installation change the .BAT file boot argument  from dc to cd.