Monthly Archives: June 2009

Code_swarm video of Xen development

This video uses code_swarm to visualise the development of the Xen project. It shows commits to xen-unstable.hg. Each dot represents a file. New files appear in a random place, and with each commit they get brighter and move towards the person making the change.

The colours represent a fairly arbitrary division of the code into more-or-less equal-sized areas. Feel free to suggest better divisions, and better colour values too.

The names are pulled out of the “Signed-off-by” comments using a small script. Otherwise it looked as though Keir was doing all the work!
I’ve done my best to identify names that appear in more than one form, but there are bound to be ones I’ve missed. There are also a lot of people listed only by email address. Again, corrections are welcome.

New development release of EmbeddedXEN

From xen-devel mailing list,

The EmbeddedXEN project aims at building a single multi-kernel binary image that can be used on ARM platform with hard realtime applications.

Currently, a full integration of the hypervisor, miniOS and Linux kernel has been achieved. However, only miniOS is running as guest OS for the time being.

The ARM port is based on two major contributions: the first attempt from MontaVista, and the excellent work from Samsung which allowed us to speed up the development.

Further information are available at:

Xen Domain Configuration File Support Document

I completed the first draft of the Xen Configuration File support document and posted it on on the Support pages.

This document contains a complete list of all the options available for configuring a new domain during its creation. Several examples are also presented to give the reader some basic ideas of what is commonly used in standard configuration files.

As this is a community effort, I expect to see the document grow as people submit new examples and changes to ensure it remains relevant as the Xen product line moves forward.