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Community Manager Goes Back in Time

My two month stay in Cambridge, UK with the Xen development team has come to an end and I am once again returning to the incredibly hot and humid summer of South Florida. So, if you got used to me being on European time, you will have to adjust as I move back in time 5 hours.

Hopefully, you have taken advantage of watching the short interviews I did here in the UK with some Xen developers – I plan to interview more Xen developers as I travel during 2009 and as I get a system in place to do recordings over Skype.

Finally, I will start promoting the booth at CloudWorld/OpenSourceWorld/NGDC in San Francisco, CA Aug 12-13, 2009  next week . If you are in the area and would like to meet, please let me know. Also, I have several community volunteers helping with the booth and I still have a few passes to hand out if you need it.

See everyone Monday morning from Florida!

Xen Summit Asia Program Committee Announcement

Xen Summit Asia is currently scheduled for November 19-20, 2009 at Intel’s R&D Facility in Shanghai, China and is sponsored by both Intel and Citrix China. The first step in the process of putting the event together is the creation of a Program Committee.

The Xen Summit Asia Program Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Review submitted topics for the event
  • Assist in compiling the final agenda for the event
  • If attending, introduce speakers

I am now accepting “applications” from anyone interested in being on the Program Committee for Xen Summit Asia. If you are interested, please email me at I will be collecting applications until August 15, 2009 at which time I will announce the final Program Committee and launch the topic submission acceptance phase.

Note, I have a new open source event management system in place for the Program Committee and Topic Submitters to leverage so event management will be greatly simplified for Xen Summit Asia.

Secure Xen ARM Release Announcement

I am very happy to announce that a para-virtualized uC/OS-II for Secure Xen ARM is released.

This Xeno-uC/OS-II is found at the Para-virtualized uC/OS-II RTOS section of

The Xeno-uC/OS-II was developed by graduate students of OS lab supervised by professor Chuck Yoo in Korea University ( and kindly submitted for the Xen ARM project. Many thanks to the OS lab. This uC/OS-II is an educational and research purpose RTOS. Please refer uC/OS-II to micurium web site. (


Sang-bum Suh
Virtualization Project Lead
SAIT, Samsung Electronics

Xen Summit North America Options

For those of you thinking about Xen Summit North America in 2010, here are some other options besides the Pittsburgh opportunity I listed earlier this week.

  • Co-Locate with USENIX NSDI in San Jose, CA (April 28-30, 2010) – San Jose Fairmont Hotel
  • Co-Locate with USENIX FAST in San Jose, CA (Feb 23-26, 2010)
  • Co-Locate with USENIX  Annual Tech Conference in Boston, MA (June 20-25, 2010)
  • Spring in Vancouver, BC – Washington, D.C. – New York, NY – Orlando, FL – Seattle, WA  [There is no requirement to co-locate an event so we are open to other areas; however, cost becomes a factor going solo]

I think the NSDI option is interesting as the dates look good and the San Jose Fairmont Hotel is very nice; however, I was hoping to host the event on the East Coast of the US as we were on the West Coast last year. Thoughts?

Note – I have not contacted USENIX about these possibilities but wanted to get some community feedback on the ideas.