Xen Summit North America Options

For those of you thinking about Xen Summit North America in 2010, here are some other options besides the Pittsburgh opportunity I listed earlier this week.

  • Co-Locate with USENIX NSDI in San Jose, CA (April 28-30, 2010) – San Jose Fairmont Hotel
  • Co-Locate with USENIX FAST in San Jose, CA (Feb 23-26, 2010)
  • Co-Locate with USENIX  Annual Tech Conference in Boston, MA (June 20-25, 2010)
  • Spring in Vancouver, BC – Washington, D.C. – New York, NY – Orlando, FL – Seattle, WA  [There is no requirement to co-locate an event so we are open to other areas; however, cost becomes a factor going solo]

I think the NSDI option is interesting as the dates look good and the San Jose Fairmont Hotel is very nice; however, I was hoping to host the event on the East Coast of the US as we were on the West Coast last year. Thoughts?

Note – I have not contacted USENIX about these possibilities but wanted to get some community feedback on the ideas.