Community Manager Goes Back in Time

My two month stay in Cambridge, UK with the Xen development team has come to an end and I am once again returning to the incredibly hot and humid summer of South Florida. So, if you got used to me being on European time, you will have to adjust as I move back in time 5 hours.

Hopefully, you have taken advantage of watching the short interviews I did here in the UK with some Xen developers – I plan to interview more Xen developers as I travel during 2009 and as I get a system in place to do recordings over Skype.

Finally, I will start promoting the booth at CloudWorld/OpenSourceWorld/NGDC in San Francisco, CA Aug 12-13, 2009  next week . If you are in the area and would like to meet, please let me know. Also, I have several community volunteers helping with the booth and I still have a few passes to hand out if you need it.

See everyone Monday morning from Florida!