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Over the last few months, I have been posting a weekly update of the community in the Xen Wiki at These weekly updates contain the following information:

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If you have any ideas for additional information in these updates please let me know.  If not, please make sure to visit these weekly updates to catch-up on the latest happenings in

I also have been posting highlights of the weekly update along with a direct link to the following Xen social networks:

GPLPV drivers update

From time to time, I plan to post items from the xen-devel mailing list that I think may be of interest to a wider audience. The complete threaded discussion in xen-devel to this email is found at

From James Harper:

I have just uploaded a new testing version of GPL PV drivers for Windows. Have a look for at (the -dontuse bit is to scare people away who haven’t read this email 🙂

As usual, please test thoroughly on a test DomU and make sure you have a backup before installing on a non-test system. In particular, I’m only testing with Xen 3.4.1 these days so anything older isn’t tested although it should work.

There was a problem with the signing of the drivers that would prevent them working properly under Vista/2008 x64 even with testsigning enabled. This should resolve that.

The installation procedure for Vista/2008 x64 is as follows:

. Run ‘bcdedit /set testsigning on’

. Reboot

. Install the drivers. Accept any warnings and tick ‘always trust…’

when prompted.

. Make sure you now have PV network and SCSI adapters present . Reboot

If something doesn’t work, you should be able to boot to safe mode unless you forgot to run ‘bcdedit /set testsigning on’ in which case you will probably have an unbootable system… for some reason the vista F8 boot menu doesn’t allow you to turn on testsigning and safe mode at the same time. Ideally the installer would be able to detect that we are using a test certificate and instruct you to turn on testsigning first but I don’t yet know how to do that. I’ll see if I can at least put in a loud warning at installation time…


Community Manager speaking at Latinoware 2009

Fear not community, I am taking my first ever trip to South America in late October to speak on the project at Latinoware ( The event is October 22-24 and if you can read Portuguese the site is ready for you!

If you are attending the event, please let me know and I will see if we can’t setup a gathering.

Community Manager Goes Native – Update

For those of you following my new venture into Linux by converting my business laptop from XP to Fedora 11, I thought I would give you a short update. I had several challenges this week to get things working but the power of Google and people posting solutions is just amazing; I found solutions to most of my issues.

* I can play itunes music with Amarok 2 ; all I did was point the application to my iTunes music folders and it just worked! Amazing
* Twitter – I had problems installing TweetDeck due to a strange Adobe Air error message; however Seesmic Desktop got the same error but works fine. Don’t know why and am waiting to see what the TweetDeck folks on Twitter have to say
* WinSCP – I love this application for moving files across machines and was able to install it using WINE and it works great! I do think that Linux needs a similar application and I did try the SecPanel but I was not able to get it to work
* Citrix ICA Client – worked with almost no problems; just did the rpm install and off I went. Very useful although the client drive mapping feature is not letting me see my local C: drive on the Linux box; not sure why

Not Working:
* Trying to the get the Sirius satellite online player to work; tried from the sirius site but it doesn’t work; tried the Firefox Sirius extension but it also doesn’t work. Anyone have this running on Linux?
* Thunderbird email – still trying to get this to map to my Citrix email system; I have everything setup (I think) correctly but I still can’t log in. This is a standard Linux problem – always a trick you need to know but just have to search for. Still searching…
* Printer – I have a Canon MP500 and found several sites discussing it with Linux but so far, no one has a solution yet. I am using my Mac for now to scan and print files but would rather have my Linux box working directly to it.