Submitting Patches to Community

The community has published an updated Wiki page with all you need to know about creating and submitting patches:

Also, there has been some discussion in xen-devel lately about some patches not being commented on or accepted by the tree maintainer. Here are some thoughts form George Dunlap that clarify the issue:

I believe the accepted protocol is to re-send the patch after 2-4 weeks, with a comment to the effect that you didn’t get a response last time; perhaps with the [RESEND] in the subject line, to alert people that the last mail was dropped?

Obviously it would be nice if everyone got a comment the first time, but that’s not always possible.  This method may seem a little less friendly, but in fact it has several positive attributes:
* It distributes the responsibility of keeping track of patches, rather than having a centralized location
* It naturally filters out low-interest patches.  If neither the submitter nor others on the list find it interesting, they naturally get dropped instead of piling up in a queue somewhere; whereas, if the submitter considers it interesting and important, he will persist until he gets a response.

The main difficulty is letting new people know the policy: don’t take it hard if you don’t get a response, just re-send after a few weeks.

In an effort to promote the policy, I am promoting the Wiki page as well as adding this blog post. If you have any questions on this policy, please contact me directly at