Xen.org Online Support Forum – Trial Underway

Currently, the Xen.org community supports members via online mailing lists which are all listed at http://lists.xensource.com and are stored in an easy to search online tool – http://xen.markmail.org.  However, many members have asked me about having an online discussion forum as well to support members who are not as comfortable with using mailing lists. I believe that I have a found an excellent tool that can support our community and am launching a trial today of a new Xen.org Online Support forum for questions/discussion on using the Xen Hypervisor. The forum is available at http://discussions.zoho.com/xenforum#AllForums and is called Xen Users.

I have posted an announcement in the forum to get things started. The tool was launched yesterday from zoho.com and is very easy to use and simple to navigate.  As this is a trial, I have not purchased the service yet which does offer advanced features. I would like to see how the community reacts to this tool and if there really is demand for something other than the mailing lists.

Please send me any thoughts on this tool or add them to the comment section of the blog.