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Xen Summit Asia – Registration Passes 50%

Xen Community:

As you are all aware, Xen Summit Asia 2009 in Shanghai, China at Intel on November 19-20 is currently open for registration. What you may not know is that we only have 150 slots for the event based on the size of the facility and we are already over 50% of capacity based on current registration. This may be a record for early registration at a Xen Summit event!

If you are considering attending, I strongly urge you to register soon before we are filled. Chinese attendee registration is at and International registration is at

For those of you wishing to speak at this event, please submit your topic at and the Saga of the PVOps Dom0 Kernel

A new legend is growing within the community on the PVOps Dom0 Kernel and its current mysterious status. In fact, this kernel is becoming so famous that I receive emails weekly from the community to learn more about its whereabouts. So what is the story?

The short answer is that the PVOps Dom0 kernel is the active development xen-unstable tree for the next version of Xen, which I refer to as Xen 4.0, shipping in Q1 2010. The long answer comes directly from Jeremy Fitzhardinge in the xen-devel newsgroup with a posting on the 18th this month at

Jeremy’s posting:

Well, my current pvops/dom0 tree is finally (reasonably) stable. There was a fairly nasty bug which ended up corrupting dom0 memory when doing IO on behalf of domains, but that is finally fixed.

In honour of this, I’ve renamed the rebase/* branches to xen/* (moving the old remaining xen/* branches to xen-old/*); xen/master is now the preferred branch for fetching current dom0 work.

The kernel tree is fairly featureful:

* basic dom0 support
* blkback
* netback
* ACPI power management
* S3 suspend/resume (at least for some people)
* microcode update
* MSI support

In other words, it has as much as it ever has.

There are a few notable missing features:

* blktap2
* netchannel2
* pci front/back
* upstream Linux support
* your pet feature

Full coordinates are:

git:// xen/master

See for general directions on configuration, compilation and use.

This is definitely a work-in-progress kernel. I’d appreciate all bug *and* success reports so I can get some idea of how many people are using this thing, and how often there are problems. Patches gratefully accepted.

As you can see, this kernel is in active development and test within the community and is a major priority for testing and feature development. If you have spare cycles and would like to help, this is where needs your efforts. As for the mysterious status – I hope this answers everyone’s questions as the main development effort is on this kernel and is the future of

For more details on the kernel and its saga, checkout the video from Jeremy Fitzhardinge at Online Support Forum – Trial Underway

Currently, the community supports members via online mailing lists which are all listed at and are stored in an easy to search online tool –  However, many members have asked me about having an online discussion forum as well to support members who are not as comfortable with using mailing lists. I believe that I have a found an excellent tool that can support our community and am launching a trial today of a new Online Support forum for questions/discussion on using the Xen Hypervisor. The forum is available at and is called Xen Users.

I have posted an announcement in the forum to get things started. The tool was launched yesterday from and is very easy to use and simple to navigate.  As this is a trial, I have not purchased the service yet which does offer advanced features. I would like to see how the community reacts to this tool and if there really is demand for something other than the mailing lists.

Please send me any thoughts on this tool or add them to the comment section of the blog.

Xen Orchestra Project

I wanted to promote a Xen management solution that I have recently become aware of – Xen Orchestra Project. The main project site is at with the project being led by Olivier Lambert and Julien Fontanet. I encourage everyone to take a look and feel free to contact Olivier is you have some time to assist in the development of features or testing.

From the site:

I want to provide a clear and simple application.

Mainly with Xen, questions are “Where are my DomU’s at this time ? Are they running ?”. That’s why I started this project : although my DomU’s are on different Dom0, I want to see them all quickly, in one page.

And I would like to stop/pause/restart them in one click. Live migration is really a great feature for Xen : so, it could be easily accesible (two clicks 😉 )

Furthermore, check informations about a DomU (like CPU parameters etc.) is crucial. But this is not a final objective.

Future of Xen Orchestra, example of next features :
* allow set of all DomU parameters (CPU, RAM etc.). Set all this stuff in live ;
* restrict access with “DomU per users” : user “foobar” can access and modifiy it’s own domU, or more. Can be really usefull in a classroom for testing prupose, or for developer ;
* possibility of cloning domU and create them (with creating roles, a kind of interface of xen-create-image).

Stability vs cutting edge :
Each time new features will be introduced, it will be in a devel version. I like the “debian way” : first of all, correct bugs, then test… and if there is no (critical) bugs, put the devel version in stable. Community Weekly Update – Sept 18, 2009

It’s Friday! Time once again for the weekly update:

•    Xen Summit Asia 2009  – Registration Open and Topics being Accepted –
•    Cloud Xen Project Update –
•    Submitting Xen Patches –
•    Lots and Lots of Patches…

Full update at

Xen Summit Asia Topics – Here is What We are Thinking

The topics for the Xen Summit Asia event in late November are starting to come together and I wanted to share them with everyone. Here are some ideas being considered:

  • XCI – Update on the Xen Client Initiative project and demos
  • Cloud Xen – Update on the newest project, Cloud Xen
  • NetChannel2
  • VSwitch – OpenFlow
  • PVOps  – Latest on the new PVOps Dom0 Linux Kernel
  • Page Sharing
  • Real-time Xen

What about you? Are you still thinking about speaking but haven’t submitted a topic yet?  If so, simple go to and submit your idea today!

Thinking about attending? Registration is now open for International and Chinese attendees.