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Book of Xen Launch Party

Here is an invitation from Luke Crawford to attend the launch party for his new Xen book:

Three years ago, I got an email from a man named Tyler Ortman. Now, sometimes you get an email that changes everything. This was one such email. “Would you be interested in writing a book about Xen?”

Now, like so many of the things we’ve done, Chris and I had no idea how much work was involved. there really is a lot more to writing a book than to scrawling out a blog post or two, or a mailing list rant, even one with similar word counts.

But, it’s done now, and we would like to celebrate a little before we begin bracing ourselves for the 2nd edition.

The party will start Saturday, the 24th of October, 2009, at 7:00 local time, at the local Computer club.

140 S Whisman Rd
Mountain View, CA 94041

It is requested that you RSVP, (if you find the web 2.0 social networking stuff as confusing and irritating as I do, you can always just email me.)

If you just show up, that’s okay too, but it’s better if I know how much pizza to get ahead of time.

Full Invite:

Sounds like a great place for Xen folk to gather and if you are in the area, stop by. Unfortunately,  I will still be out of the country or I would have found a way to expense a trip from Florida to California to attend this party.

Xen Summit Asia Registration – WAY OVER THE LIMIT

Great news for Xen Summit Asia – we are way over the 150 limit with current registration at 170+ attendees. Registration will close in less than two weeks and then the Xen Summit program committee will have to turn away some possible attendees as we only have room for 150 people; this has never happened at a Xen Summit before and shows the amazing growth and demand for Xen in Asia. I am not looking forward to having to turn people away but I will be in attendance to record all the presentations so people who could not attend can still see all the presentations. If you are interested in attending, please register very soon before we close the registration system.

The Xen Summit Asia agenda is also in the first draft stage and I anticipate having a public draft in about 2 weeks. I want to do several revisions with the program committee first before releasing it to the general community.