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XEN-HA Cluster Demonstration on YouTube

Andreas Ender from SECURE_iT sent me this excellent demonstration video…

Georg Dörn from has built a XEN cluster solution.

This Video shows you an RDP session while live migration of a Windows 2008 R2 terminal server running as a virtual machine on a XEN-HA cluster.

Within the RDP session a video is playing while live migrating the terminal server vm from one XEN-HA cluster node to the other node and back again without any downtime.

Only one ping is lost while migrating. You will see a very short stop playing the video at 1:06 and 2:12.

The XEN-HA Cluster is based on two identical Debian 5.0 XEN Hosts with drbd (raid 1 with sata disks and sync with 2 x gbit nic) and heartbeat.
The whole system runs with open source software! This XEN-HA cluster is not any experimental system. It works as a production system at many customers from us. Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 4

Welcome to the new weekly newsletter with a variety of information to keep you updated on all things Xen. This newsletter is an upgrade from my previous weekly communications and is meant to offer a broader scope of activities. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for the newsletter.

Xen News

  • Oracle completes acquisition of Sun – Info here
  • Mascot Contest – Win $100 by submitting the best idea for a community mascot. More here

Xen Events

  • SCALE 2010 in Los Angeles, CA from Feb 19-21, 2010 – If you are interested in assisting at the booth (and showing your Xen related solution) please contact me
  • Xen Summit North America April 21-22, 2010 – Program Committee Announced
  • Citrix Synergy May 11 – 13 in San Francisco, CA – If you are interested in assisting at the booth (and showing your Xen related solution) please contact me
  • SouthEast LinuxFest 2010 June 12-13, 2010 in Spartanburg, SC – If you are interested in assisting at the booth (and showing your Xen related solution) please contact me
  • Bring to an event near year – Do you know of an event near you that would be served by having a booth? If so, I have a proposal for working together to support that event here

Xen Products

Xen Members in Action

  • Busy week in Xen mailing lists – thanks to Pasi Kärkkäinen, Daniel Stodden, Yunhong Jiang, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk, and Fajar A. Nugraha for their great support in assisting users and developers this week
  • Thanks to Heechul Kim from Korea who will be assisting me at SCALE next month

Xen Weekly Statistics

  • Project Golden Ratio is underway with various items being tracked. I will highlight different numbers in the newsletter with full reports to the community on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Website Stats from Jan 14 – 21
    • 18,854 visitors for week
    • ~30% of all visitors from United States (4,389) and Germany (1,384)
  • 2009 Stats for (here)
    • 90 Presentations Uploaded
    • 25,895 viewings
    • Most Popular Presentation is Memory Management in Xen

    The complete newsletter with all data including the summary of all xen-users/xen-devel/xen-api mailing lists can be found at

  • New Xen Documentation

    From Pasi in mailing lists:

    I’ve been trying to write some documentation to the Xen wiki recently, mostly about the questions that come up often on ##xen and xen-users. These are the recently created wiki pages:

    If you see some wrong or missing info, feel free to add/fix yourself, or write here so we can update the pages.

    In progress, these would need some help:

    ToDo -  move the table from XenDom0Kernels here and make it complete:  XenKernelFeatures

    Also Stephen added this a couple of days ago:

    Everyone who wants to help can create an account on WIKI, and Stephen Spector can give you editing permissions.

    Bring to Your Local Event

    As you may have noticed, I am increasing the number of events that attends with booths or presentations in 2010. So far, I have booked at SCALE, Citrix Synergy, and SouthEast LinuxFest. Of course, these events are all in the US and I am looking to expand the global reach of the community in 2010 by attending regional events around the world. My problem is that I don’t have the time and travel budget to be everywhere in 2010 so I am looking toward the community to take action.

    I propose the following support from for any community member interested in having a booth at their regional event:

    • Booth Fee – will cover the costs to obtain a booth at the event
    • Materials – I will create and ship any deliverables needed at the event for Xen promotion
    • Banner – I have banner that I can ship to you for the booth (or I can order one from the store)

    If you are aware of a regional event that you believe should have a booth, let me know and we can work together to bring Xen everywhere it needs to be.

    Xen Summit North America at AMD Program Committee

    The Xen Summit North America at AMD Program Committee is now formed and is a great collection of community members from various global locations, corporations, universities, and users. The following community members are participating in the program committee:

    • Boris Quiroz
    • Anil Madhavapeddy
    • Dan Magenheimer
    • Jose Renato G Santos
    • Hitoshi Oi
    • Pasi Kärkkäinen
    • Sang-bum Su
    • Patrick Colp
    • Justin Ryan
    • Tim Mueting

    I look forward to working with this team as we put together the agenda for Xen Summit North America at AMD in April. Look for an announcement next week on the start of topic submissions for this event.