Xen.org Mascot – Final Survey Results

The latest survey results for the Xen.org Mascot question are as follows:

76 total voters
62 YES (81%)
14 NO (18%)

Based on the trending I am seeing, there is clearly a majority of community members who would like Xen to have a mascot. Based on these results I propose the following to the community:

1) Mascot Idea Submission Process – I will open a 2 week window where anyone interested in submitting a mascot idea can post their idea as a comment on this blog posting or send me an email. I will publish all submissions on January 28 for the community to review. NOTE – Images are not required as I can find an artist later to draw up sample images.

2) Mascot Community Vote – After all submissions are received and posted, I will hold an open community vote to determine the top 3 entries. From there, we will have an artist(s) create sample images for the three finalists and vote for a winner.

I look forward to everyone’s idea for a Xen.org mascot!