Xen.org Mascot Update – It’s a Contest!

Have you been thinking about what the Xen.org mascot should be? Are you interested in winning $100 cash?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions than you need to participate in the Xen.org Mascot Contest! That’s right, Xen.org is going to give away $100 to the winning Mascot idea based on community voting.

To participate, send your mascot idea to me by Feb 4, 2010 and I will include your entry into the contest. No pictures are necessary, just your idea for the mascot. I will then take all submitted mascot ideas and have the community vote on their top three choices. From there, drawings will be created of the top 3 ideas and a winner will be selected by the community.

Good luck and I look forward to getting some interesting ideas. Finally, the contest is open to anyone except myself.