Monthly Archives: January 2010 Slides Available in Portuguese

Thanks to Marco Sinhoreli for his efforts in translating the Overview slides from English to Portuguese. The slides are now available for everyone to use at or at SlideShare:

I expect to get these slides translated to other languages over the next week or so and will be posting those updates to and Community Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 3

Welcome to the new weekly newsletter with a variety of information to keep you updated on all things Xen. This newsletter is an upgrade from my previous weekly communications and is meant to offer a broader scope of activities. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for the newsletter.

Xen News

  • xn-Suite Released – Check out this new Xen management and monitoring utility here
  • Mascot Contest – Win $100 by submitting the best idea for a community mascot. More here
  • Community Member Spotlight – Learn more about Pasi Karkkainen at here

Xen Events

  • SCALE 2010 in Los Angeles, CA from Feb 19-21, 2010
    • If you are interested in assisting at the booth (and showing your Xen related solution) please contact me
  • Xen Summit North America April 21-22, 2010
    • Program Committee Volunteers requested, more here
  • SouthEast LinuxFest 2010 June 12-13, 2010 in Spartanburg, SC will have a booth at this event as well as a speaking session; if you are interested in showing your Xen solution or assisting at the booth please contact me

Xen Products

  • Xen Cloud Platform code update to 0.1.1 – here
  • Check out one users experience on switching to 0.1.1 – here
  • Xen 4.0 Release Candidate 2 expected early next week
  • Community Overview Slides now available in English, Spanish, Polish, & German (Over 100 views on over last 3 days)

Xen Members in Action

  • Weidong Han was super busy in xen-devel with 2 new patches and 15 responses
  • 63 new people leveraged xen-users, xen-devel, & xen-api this week
  • @xen_com_mgr twitter feed has 1,254 followers – always see RT from @XceptN with 16,925 Followers and @XenHypervisor with 1,621 Followers

Xen Weekly Statistics

  • Project Golden Ratio (here) is underway with various items being tracked. I will highlight different numbers in the newsletter with full reports to the community on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Website Stats from Jan 14 – 21
    • 20,127 visitors to
    • 6,558 hits on the main product download page
    • What is Xen? Document – 861 views; How Does Xen Work Document – 460 views; Hypervisor Type Comparison Document – 407 views

Xen Weekly Statistics

The complete newsletter with all data including the summary of all xen-users/xen-devel/xen-api mailing lists can be found here

xn-Suite : New Open Source Monitoring Solution for Xen

From Michael Schmidt in xen-users:

The xn-Suite for managing and monitoring open source Xen Dom0 / DomUs. This software is completely free for personal and commercial use.

The xn-Suite consists of the following modules:

  • xn-manage – Using this module you are able to start, stop or reboot your vserver and to create or edit it’s Xen DomU configuration.
  • xn-mem – This module is able to dynamically manage the vserver’s memory.  You can control the minimum and maximum memory assigned, the xn-mem daemon will dynamically assign the memory required to your vserver. It also provides you with the possiblity to overcommit your physical memory.
  • xn-mon – Collects runtime data and creates statistics of the hardware usage.
  • xn-traff – Network traffic accounting for vservers.
  • xn-web – An web interface for managing modules and users.

The software is written in C++ and available as a download for most common Linux distributions.  More detailed description including screenshots and can be found here: Mascot Update – It’s a Contest!

Have you been thinking about what the mascot should be? Are you interested in winning $100 cash?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions than you need to participate in the Mascot Contest! That’s right, is going to give away $100 to the winning Mascot idea based on community voting.

To participate, send your mascot idea to me by Feb 4, 2010 and I will include your entry into the contest. No pictures are necessary, just your idea for the mascot. I will then take all submitted mascot ideas and have the community vote on their top three choices. From there, drawings will be created of the top 3 ideas and a winner will be selected by the community.

Good luck and I look forward to getting some interesting ideas. Finally, the contest is open to anyone except myself.