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Xen Booth at Scale Picture

I am on my way home from LA to Florida and wanted to send an update to the community on the promotion at SCALE this weekend:

  • Booth – There was plenty of traffic over the 2 day event at the booth and I had the opportunity to learn about open source Xen installations at MySpace, Ticketmaster, and Heechul Kim from South Korea attended the event and showed his open source Xen management solution as well as assisted in the many Xen questions. I have added a picture from my iPhone of myself and Heechul at the booth.
  • Xen Presentation – Over 60 people attended the presentation on Sunday at 3pm to learn more about the community, our solutions, and how to participate. I was pleased with the turnout as the presentation slot was near the end of the event and people tend to leave early. There were plenty of questions asked and the audience was engaged – I have already received 3 responses from attendees on new features for Xen as well as feedback on content for future presentations on Xen. A local Citrix SE assisted at the booth today and presented the new Citrix Xen Client solution. The audience was very interested in this solution and we need to start working on a management solution for XCI so I can demo open source XCI at a future event.

Overall, I was pleased with the positive response that Xen received from the attendees who were interested to learn about our hypervisor solution and enjoyed the opportunity to meet with significant customers of open source Xen. I have invited MySpace and to attend Xen Summit North America as presenters to give the community a chance to learn about their highly scalable and complex Xen installations.  I will have more images and some video from SCALE posted later this week.

PS – Check out the Xen Candy give away – way better than shirts.

Simon Crosby on Xen, KVM, Novell, etc

Can a Chameleon Change its Spots?

I had lunch today with veteran virtualization blogger Alessandro Perilli, who was in the Seattle area for the Microsoft MVP Summit. Alessandro has repeatedly been the first to spot key industry trends. He is truly plugged-in, and brings to his analysis a level of technical insight and honesty that I find refreshing, and he doesn’t sensationalize just to get clicks.

We discussed the recent flurry of reporting on the fact that Novell is also developing for KVM, and it was good to see that Alessandro found this as unsurprising as I do. Novell SUSE Linux is, after all an enterprise Linux distribution. And KVM is just a driver that comes with mainline Linux. So it’s logical to expect Novell’s customers to be aware of KVM and to expect them to ship and support it – like any other mainline feature. Indeed Novell’s activity on KVM has never been a secret – they announced a preview of KVM support in SLE 11 and have a roadmap for offering full support in due course.

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SCALE 8x in LA – Are you in LA this Weekend?

If you are in LA this weekend and looking for something to do, come by the SCALE 8x event where is hosting a booth in the exhibit hall. I will also be presenting on the community on Sunday at 3pm PST and you don’t want to miss one of my amazing talks (at least that is my impression).  For more information on the event go to

For those of you too far away to attend, I will post some pictures and video over the weekend of the event.