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Xen Mascot Contest – Current Voting Results

Here are the current voting results for the community mascot (top 6 entries):

Entry #5 -  Zen Penguin
Entry #10 – Sitting panda (chewing bamboo) and/or sitting on a server
Entry #1 – Bonsai Tree
Entry #3 – Ninja
Entry #2 – Meerkat
Entry #4 – A representation that would suggest here is where silicon meets the software…

The three highest rated entries will then move on to the final round for community voting and selection. I will get sample images made of the final three to help everyone in submitting their final vote.

Please send me your vote, if you have not voted yet, as I will keep voting open for 2 more weeks. The complete list of items to vote for is at

Xen Users Commonly Asked Questions on Wiki

Xen Community:

I have ported the xen-users mailing list commonly asked questions guide from a pdf to an editable wiki page at I update this information monthly based on the previous months questions on the xen-users mailing list. As this is now a wiki document, it will be easier for update by the community.

The Wiki page has all the questions broken down into the following groupings to simplify searching:

  • Guest Related Questions
  • Installation Questions
  • Networking Questions
  • High Availability Questions
  • Performance Questions
  • Security Questions
  • Design/Misc Questions