Xen.org Mascot Contest – Finalists

Thanks to everyone for voting on the Xen.org Mascot Contest. I have closed the first round of voting and we have three clear favorites for the finals:

Entry #5 – Zen Penguin from Dana Rawding
Entry #1 – Bonsai Tree form Joe Shon
Entry #10 – Sitting Panda Chewing Bamboo from Valentin Höbel

Thanks to all the people who submitted their ideas for this contest. There was a good selection of choices for the community to select from.

The next phase in the contest is to work with an artist to create several sample mascot ideas for each of the entries. These images will be used in the final vote as the Xen.org community selects a mascot.

If anyone out there would like to volunteer their design services please contact me soon as I will begin looking for a designer for this project next week.