XCP Tutorial – Creation of a Windows 7 Guest

I am back with more tutorials on Xen Cloud Platform (XCP); this time with instructions on creating and starting a new Windows 7 guest from a CD.

NOTE – I am running the Windows 7 guest as HVM and have not tried to load the Windows PV Drivers that come with XCP; will do that for a future tutorial.

TOOLS – I am using the same XCP machine from previous tutorials as well as OpenXenCenter for the installation and interaction with the Windows 7 guest.

STEP 1 – Connect to XCP in a terminal window and load the Windows 7 CD into my XCP machine.

stephen> ssh -l root IP_Address

STEP 2 – I once again followed the steps listed at  http://www.xen.org/files/XenCloud/guest.pdf on page 24 ; section titled “To install a supported Linux VM from vendor media using the CLI”

See http://blog.xenproject.org/index.php/2010/03/04/xcp-tutorial-building-a-hvm-guest-using-command-lines/ for the instructions on creating the VM guest. In the Windows 7 example I changed the name of the guest and selected “Windows 7” for my template.

STEP 3 – Run OpenXenCenter to complete the Windows 7 installation on the console screen.