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XCP Fix for CentOS/RHEL 5.4 VMs

From Vern Burke:

From my blog post at and a post to the list about the same date:

In virgin XCP 0.1.1 (right from the install iso), a working CentOS/RHEL 5.4 VM cannot be created, despite there being a template for it. The VM can be created without error but attempting to start it results in a “no output from bootloader” message”

The cause of this is a missing file in the 0.1.1 distribution. Download this file:

Once downloaded, copy it to the /opt/xensource/packages/files/guest-installer directory on your XCP 0.1.1 host, reboot the host, and you’re off and running.

XCP Tutorial – Network Connections for a Guest

I noticed that my past two guests (Oracle VM and Windows 7 VM) were both unable to connect to the Internet once I had them installed. Here are the steps I took to correct the problem on OpenXenCenter and get Internet connectivity working on my XCP guests.

1) For your specific VM – select the Network Tab

2) Click the Add Interface button

3) A new Window appears – New Virtual Interface Network
a) Pull down the arrow on the Network: Location item and select Network 0
b) MAC Address – I left this on Auto-generate
c) Limit – I left this blank
d) Select OK

4)  Shutdown and Restart your VM and the Network Tab will now show you a MAC address with the Active column set to TRUE

That was all it took to setup a Network Interface from the Guest to the Domain0 Guest.

XCP Tutorial – Creation of a Windows 7 Guest

I am back with more tutorials on Xen Cloud Platform (XCP); this time with instructions on creating and starting a new Windows 7 guest from a CD.

NOTE – I am running the Windows 7 guest as HVM and have not tried to load the Windows PV Drivers that come with XCP; will do that for a future tutorial.

TOOLS – I am using the same XCP machine from previous tutorials as well as OpenXenCenter for the installation and interaction with the Windows 7 guest.

STEP 1 – Connect to XCP in a terminal window and load the Windows 7 CD into my XCP machine.

stephen> ssh -l root IP_Address

STEP 2 – I once again followed the steps listed at on page 24 ; section titled “To install a supported Linux VM from vendor media using the CLI”

See for the instructions on creating the VM guest. In the Windows 7 example I changed the name of the guest and selected “Windows 7” for my template.

STEP 3 – Run OpenXenCenter to complete the Windows 7 installation on the console screen. Weekly Newsletter Vol 9 No 11

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    • Kudos to Marco Sinhoreli for his efforts in creating Xen Directions South America in late August 2010
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    Announcing 2 new Xen Directions Events in 2010 is expanding our events in 2010 with two new events:

    • Xen Directions South America – In conjunction with a soon to be announced Linux Foundation event in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 31 – September 1.
    • Xen Directions North America – In conjunction with LinuxCon 2010 in Boston, MA we will hold a day long event on August 9 with the full LinuxCon event on the 10-12th.

    I will be adding more information on these two events on the events page. Please remember that Xen Directions are more marketing focused than our developer oriented Xen Summits. If you are interested in participating as a speaker at either of these events please contact me.

    Finally, thanks to Marco Sinhoreli in Brazil for his outstanding efforts in helping to  create our first event in South America.