Q1 Project Golden Ratio Statistics for Xen.org

Xen folks…

I have completed the statistic gathering and analysis for Xen.org in Q1. The pdf of the data with January, February, and March results is here. Here are some data highlights for Q1:

  • Web Hits on Xen.org over 75,000 for each month with a spike in March
  • XCP Home page moved to #5 most viewed page in February and is showing stability in that slot
  • Xen.org Blog – Consistent increase in readership from 17,564 views per month in January to 21,505 views in March
  • Solution Search Tool – Provides consistent exposure for companies listed (over 3500 hits a month); about 20% of web hits go on to the company’s website
  • Xen-Users – Seeing about 85% of all questions (on average) answered
  • Social Networking – Facebook and LinkedIn show continued growth month over month

As this is the first full quarter of data, I will be interested to see what Q2 2010 looks like. If you have any ideas on data I should collect or are a Twitter expert who can help me find a good statistics tool, please let me know.