Xen.org Mascot Contest – Vote for your favorite

Xen Community:

Welcome to the final voting in the Xen.org Mascot Contest. The three final ideas: Bonsai Tree, Panda, and Zen Penguin have all been converted to some concept images to better help you visualize the concepts. Once a winner is chosen, the community can provide input to the artist as we create the final Xen.org Mascot.

I plan to leave voting open until April 28, 2010 and will announce the winner at Xen Summit North America at AMD on April 29th.

Here are the three sample images to assist you in selecting your favorite (use left navigation bar on bottom of post to see complete image if necessary):

Bonsai Tree

Panda Bear

Zen Penguin

VOTE HERE (Enter your choice and select Submit Survey):


Thanks to Brian Hall for his great drawings of the three finalists.

About the Artist
Brian J. Hall is a freelance artist, illustrator, animator, programmer and web developer. http://brianjhall.com