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Simon Crosby on RHEL Release…

t’s a fast-moving world. I turn my back for a moment to log onto my XenDesktop, and before you know it, the Planet turns to KVM for Cloud Virtualization. Suddenly all those Xen, VMware and Hyper-V users must have switched to KVM overnight! Impressive.

I quickly check the XenServer download stats and see that the needle is still rapidly rising… about 3,000 server licenses per week. Something doesn’t compute… And then I realize that it all depends what planet you’re on and your sense of perspective.

The news that Red Hat has pushed out a beta of RHEL 6 without Xen, and is focussing solely on KVM going forward is an interesting moment in the in the constantly changing theory of RHEL-evance. It’s neither unexpected nor earth shattering for those in the cloud or virtualization markets broadly, unless you happened to use Xen in RHEL 5. If you did, you’re in for a painful “upgrade” (aka: V2V for all Xen VMs, and different management).

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XCP Migration Utility – XVA Version 1.2 Available

Version 1.2 of the XCP migration utility is now available at:

Release highlight is the ability to migrate PV VMs that load kernel/ramdisk
from the Dom0(without pygrub).

In order for the script to automatically SFTP the kernel/ramdisk to the server(
using --sftp ), you will need the paramiko module:
You can also SCP/SFTP the kernel/ramdisk manually, this will definitely be the
case when saving the VM to .xva instead of streaming directly to a server. 

Changes since 1.1.0

* Implemented the handling of guest kernels/initrds loaded from dom0. These can
either be SFTP'd to the server automatically(the paramiko module is needed),
otherwise the user can SFTP the kernel/initrd to the server manually if the
module is missing. In the case you are saving to xva you will have to SFTP to
the destination servers(s) manually. Take note. xapi does not manage guest
kernels/ramdisks, i.e. you will need to clean up /boot/guest after you delete
the VM that depends on those.
   Example: -d centos.5-3.x86.img -k /boot/vmlinuz-domu -r
/boot/initrd-domu -n new-vm --server XCP-host --username root --password f0rget

* Fixed some bugs that made --no-apic and --no-acpi not be recognised.

Before use, read README.

xen-tools Project Update

The xen-tools project is currently back in active development with the latest scripts available at Xen-tools is a collection of simple perl scripts which allow you to easily create new guest Xen domains on the command line.

This is the primary site for now and a new home page is under development. Be sure to check out the page and if you have questions, join the ##xen IRC channel on Freenode and speak with <russo>

Xen Mailing List Tracking Pages and Support Assistance

Over the past year or so I have been doing a weekly categorization of the following mailing lists:

  • xen-devel
  • xen-users
  • xen-api

Each mailing list is updated on a weekly basis in a variety of categories to assist you in looking for answers to questions that you have and may already have been answered. You can find the complete set of weekly tracking at Each week contains the complete set of emails for that week as well as a listing of all the updated and new pages in the Wiki.

You can also do a nice, simple search at to find your information from all available mailing lists emails. The MarkMail database will search every email that has been sent on all the mailing lists to find your information. Additionally, you can review common Xen issues/questions in the wiki at or

Travel Plans to Europe? Why Not Attend Xen Summit at AMD

There are only 9 days left until the premier must-attend event of 2010: Xen Summit North America at AMD.  Join the community for 2 days of in-depth virtualization discussion on a variety of technologies. Highlights include:

  • Cloud Computing Talks from Bernard Golden (CEO HyperStratus) , Paul Lappas (VP Engineering at GoGrid), Sheng Liang (CEO of VMOps), and Marco Sinhoreli (
  • Tom Woller from AMD on Virtualization and AMD
  • Jonathan Ludlum on the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) Roadmap as well as other speakers on related technologies to the XCP effort
  • Ian Pratt on the state of and Keir Fraser on Xen Hypervisor including plans for Xen 4.1
  • Meet Pasi Kärkkäinen who is a top xen-users and xen-devel mailing list SuperStar
  • Much more…

All that including a party on the first night for only $235. Register now at