Monthly Archives: May 2010

Open Source Exposed

In an effort to further promote the community and our amazing open source technologies, I have taken it upon myself to become an open source blogger on Network World. Of course, the benefit of exposure to me is something I will have to deal with. My hope is to educate people on the basics of open source while at the same time reaching out to open source enthusiasts with ideas that should be far outside the mainstream.

My first blog post is available at and should cause heartache as I point out how successful Windows is as an open source platform. If you have any ideas on future topics, please feel free to contact me.

XCP Community Meeting Minutes

For those of you unable to attend the XCP Community Meeting today, minutes of the meeting are available at I will be scheduling another meeting next month to continue the community discussion of XCP.

Also, please note that XCP 0.5 will be releasing in a few weeks with the plan to release XCP 1.0 in Q4 2010. Community Survey Up and Running

It is time again, for the annual community survey. I conducted this survey in 2009 and leveraged the results to make some changes in the way that information is presented on the website as well as how I plan events. This survey is a great way for the community to take a snapshot in time to see what changes are needed to improve participation and use of the tools.

Please take about 5 minutes and complete the survey at

Reminder of XCP Community Call on Tuesday May 25th

The first open community call on the XCP project is scheduled for Tuesday – May 25th at 14:00 UTC. This was the best time I could find to accommodate as many people as possible. More info on UTC 14:00 at

Dial-in information is below:

US Toll Free: 1.888.371.8921
Participant Code: 275279

International Toll Free Numbers: