Xen.org Mascot Contest Winner

I am proud to officially declare the Xen.org Mascot Contest Winner –  Valentin Höbel.  Valentin’s Panda Bear was the winning selection from 226 votes:

Panda Bear  – 92 Votes (40%)
Bonsai Tree – 85 Votes (37%)
Zen Penguin – 49 Votes (21%)

The current image of the Panda Bear looks like:

Panda Bear

Please send me any comments you have on the Panda Bear drawings you see above as I will work with the artist to create the final mascot image. I believe we will use the image on the right with the hat as the basis for the final image and will make some tweaks from there, unless there is a large number of people interested in the bear on the left.

Thanks again to everyone in the community for supporting this fun initiative. I expect to have the mascot completed by the end of May and will have merchandise available in June from the Xen.org Store for purchase.

Finally, does the bear need a name? I was thinking Xen Panda but of course I am open to your ideas.