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Xen Directions South America – Speakers Announced

Xen Directions South America is still in planning stages but a number of speakers have been confirmed. Here is the current list of speakers:

I look forward to seeing the community in action this fall in Brazil. Watch Events page for more details.

XCP Community Meeting #2 Scheduled

On July 7, 2010 the community will be hosting the 2nd Xen Community Meeting to discuss XCP development issues. This meeting will be the follow-up to meeting #1 <>. Details follow:

Meeting Date: July 7, 2010
Time: 13:00 UTC / 2:00 pm UK (London) /9:00 am US EST
Location: IRC #xen-api on Freenode
Dial-In: 1.888.371.8921  Code: 275279

International Toll Free Numbers:


•    Status of XCP 0.5 Testing/Release
•    XCP Support for libvirt
•    Cloud Frontends / APIs
o    Eucalyptus / OpenNebula / etc.
•    Open Issues – please email with items

Xen Summit 2011 Location Survey Results

Here are the final results of the two surveys:

Open Public Survey

23 of 65 have been to a Xen Summit in the past

NA Xen Summit -> 15 YES / 16 MAYBE / 34 NO

EMEA Xen Summit -> 38 YES / 15 MAYBE / 12 NO

Xen Summit Attendees from XS AMD 2010

25 of 25 have attended Xen Summit

NA Xen Summit -> 18 YES/ 7 MAYBE

EMEA Xen Summit -> 4 YES / 11 MAYBE / 10 NO

As you can see, there is support to host the event in Europe as well as North America. I will be talking with more people in the community about this as I work toward a final decision. Thanks for your help in participating in the survey.

Xen Developer Email Discussion

As part of the new emphasis on exposing developer activities to the broader community, I plan to highlight a few xen-devel discussions every week on this blog to allow the community a better view of developer interaction. If you have any thoughts on this new activity please let me know.

  • Stefano Stabellini submission [PATCH] libxl: make libxl_wait_for_device_model not racy – this patch solves the following issue: at the moment libxl_wait_for_device_model waits on a xenstore watch before checking the current value of the xenstore node that might contain already the value the function was looking for. This patch changes the function so that it checks the value of the xenstore node first, then waits for the watch. Vincent Hanquez responded that the watch  automatically fires when installed so this patch is unnecessary although there is general agreement among several other developers that this code makes the issue clearer than the way it works today. As of today, this patch is not pushed to any development tree.
  • David Markey submssion XCP: pygrup missing ext4 support – David noted that the current XCP solution is missing ext4 support because libfsimage ext2fs-lib module is linked against libext2fs which does not have ext4 support. David proposes that XCP use the ext2fs module that comes with libfsimage which has ext4 support. Pasi noted that all upcoming distros are also moving to libfsimage with ext4 support. Michal Novotny discussed  how this is fixed in RHEL-5 by reinstalling the e2fsprogs package to the latest one although the package is renamed e4fsprogs. Michael suggests that XCP needs to do one of the following: either use the built in libfsimage ext4 support, or upgrade e2fsprogs. As of this time, I was unable to find a definitive answer to this issue.