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  • Mailing Lists SuperStars -  Dan Magenheimer,  Gzegorz Milos, Michael Novotny, Brad Cable,  Fajar Nugraha, & Felix Kuperjans
  • New Mailing List Members -  Julio Cesar Garcia Vizcaino,  Chaitanya Upadhyay

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  • Xen-Devel Stats: 35 Patches, 52 Questions, and 333 Responses
  • Xen-User Stats:  68 Questions and 205 Responses

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Xen User Group LA Announcement

From TheBitSource:


The Official Xen User Group in Los Angeles has been announced on the Web site. It is to take place in a not-yet-disclosed location in Los Angeles, CA on July 30th, 2010. Stay tuned to Blog and to get updated when we reveal the location.


Jeremy Fitzhardinge, Principal Engineer, Citrix, will be our guest and presenter. This user group is brought to you for your virtualization enjoyment by and

Click here to see the original announcement

Click here to register


We are proud to be hosting our event at BLANKSPACES new location in Santa Monica, and be their inaugural guest at their latest addition to modern, flexible work and collaboration spaces.

About Jeremy Fitzhardinge

Jeremy attended the University of Technology, Sydney, where he was thoroughly distracted by Linux, which he has been contributing to since around 1993. He did various things over the years (including fileserver filesystems, settop box graphics and Valgrind – the swiss army debugging tool) until he joined Xensource in 2006.  Since then he has been primarily working on improving Linux’s support for Xen, particularly getting all the Xen-related changes into mainstream Linux.  He lives in San Francisco with a wife, two kids and a grumpy cat.

Slides from Jeremy’s previous Xen Summit presentations: Wiki Update Design Proposal

As I stated in, I am working on a new plan to re-design the wiki. The plan is now available for a 1 week review by all community members. Please submit all your comments to me so I can update the design and begin updating the wiki next Thursday.

Download the plan here – Wiki Design Plan

Xen Cloud Platform – Request for Comment Submission

As part of the 2010 Annual survey response, I intend to push out more developer related content to the community via this blog…

From: Dave Scott
Re: Compressing VM Exports by Default

In XCP a VM “export” is a serialized VM, including metadata and usually raw disk blocks. The format is a very simple tar file (really stream) with an XML file at the front containing version information and metadata.

Unfortunately VM exports containing raw disk blocks can be very large and their size makes them difficult to store and distribute over the network. I propose to turn on compression by default by filtering the exports through gzip and to auto-detect both compressed and uncompressed exports on import.

I’ve written up my proposal on the wiki:

One implication is that new (compressed) exports will fail to import on older servers. However (a) there’s an easy workaround (gunzip); and (b) I think being able to import an old (uncompressed) export on a new server is more important than the other way around.

Comments appreciated!

Please send all comments to if you have feedback.

XCP Community Meeting #2 Annoucement

It is time to start thinking about our 2nd XCP meeting for the XCP team.  The last meeting was held on May 25, 2010 at 14:00 UTC. Notes are at  For the next meeting I hope to schedule a time that is better for our Asian participants so please contact me with a time that would be best if you live in Japan, Korea, Australia, etc. Also, please send me any items you would like to discuss so I can create an agenda ahead of time.

I am targeting July 6-8 as possible dates for this meeting so please let me know if any day is better for you as I will do my best to get as many attendees as possible on the call. Unfortunately, I cannot satisfy everyone but I will do my best.

Finally, I would like to have an online meeting tool used in this meeting so people can add their name to the attendee list, post questions, etc. I was thinking of using IRC but am open to any solution you would like to use. I am open to your suggestion.