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Based on the 2010 Annual Survey I intend to take several actions to address the significant issues raised by the community. I plan to start with the Wiki ( and look at a better layout to simplify navigation for new and experienced Wiki users. Once I have a new design complete, I will publish it for community review and then based on all feedback begin the Wiki changes.

If you have any thoughts on the current Wiki design that you would like addressed, please contact me as I am starting the design work today and plan to have a proposal ready for community review later this week.

Finally, the current Wiki is running on Moin Moin and I do intend to move to a newer version of Moin Moin in the near future as new equipment is being installed to support the community. I will keep the community updated on all back-end changes to over the next few months.

George Dunlap to speak at Poslovna Linux Konferenca

For those of you living or visiting Slovenia in late September, I recommend attending the Poslovna Linux Konferenca in Sept 27-28, 2010 in Portoroz. George Dunlap will be presenting the following:

Title: Xen – Open Source and the Virtualization Revolution

Summary: This talk will introduce the virtualization revolution, showing how virtual machine technology has been successfully applied to solve many important problems, from server consolidation to dual-use corporate laptops.  I’ll also talk about Xen, and how Citrix, the third largest virtualization company, makes money from free software. Community Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 24

Welcome to the weekly newsletter with a variety of information to keep you updated on all things Xen. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for the newsletter.

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Time Travel is Possible

Next week I will be travelling in time to work 5 hours ahead of my usual Eastern Standard Time. During the next three weeks I will magically accomplish all my tasks 5 hours earlier than I normally do. Please keep this time travel in mind when contacting me over the next few weeks. I will return to regular EST in 3 weeks once my time travel experiment is over.

During this time, I will be in close proximately to the Citrix Xen developers in Cambridge and can conduct interviews with them for public consumption. If you have any developers or topics you would like covered, please let me know.

Xen Summit 2011 Location Survey Update

As you know, there is interest in having the first Xen Summit in 2011 in Europe instead of North America. To get a better sense of what the community would like I created two surveys. An open full community survey still running at until June 28th and a survey directly to all the attendees of the previous Xen Summit at AMD in April of this year; this survey will also be open until June 28th (Please contact me if you attended Xen Summit NA at AMD and did not get the link). Here are the early results of these two surveys:

Open Community Survey Results (48 Respondents)

25.5% US
17%   Germany
14.9% UK
6.4%  Brazil
4.3%  Poland
31.7% Other (China, Japan, Chile, etc)

Have you ever attended a Xen Summit?  58.3% No – 41.7% Yes
Hold in NA? 47.9% No – 27.1% Maybe – 25% Yes
Hold in Europe? 60.4% Yes – 27.1% Maybe – 12.5% No

People who have attended a Xen Summit:  (Yes) NA = 7   – (Yes) Europe = 11

Xen Summit Attendees Survey Results (24 Respondents)

83% from US
8.4% from UK
4.2% from Canada
4.2% from Japan

Hold in NA?  70.8% Yes – 29.2% Maybe
Hold in Europe? 41.7% Maybe – 41.7% No – 16.7% Yes

Conclusions: As you can see, there is clearly a desire for a Xen Summit to be held in Europe; however, we would lose some of our regular attendees from North American events. The current numbers show that we would lose about 7 or 8 regulars if the event were held in Europe. Of course, I will let the surveys run for another 13 days before publishing the final data and making any type of decision.