XCP Community Meeting #2 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the XCP Community Call which will be dial-up as well as IRC chat, information below:

Meeting Date:  July 7, 2010
Time:  2:00 pm UK (London) /9:00 am US EST
Location: IRC #xen-api on Freenode
Dial-In: 1.888.371.8921  Code: 275279

International Toll Free Numbers:



•    Status of XCP 0.5 Testing/Release
•    XCP Support for libvirt
•    Compatibility with XenServer, especially regarding XenCenter, Linux Guest Support (package including templates and other tools).
•    Cloud Frontends / APIs
o    Eucalyptus / OpenNebula / etc.
•    Open Issues – please email stephen.spector@xen.org with items

NOTE: I will be taking meeting minutes for posting on this blog and wiki in case you cannot attend.