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XenClient – It works!

I recently received a new laptop from Citrix as my old laptop was very suspect (as those of you at Xen Summit at AMD are aware) and took some time today to install the XenClient product. XenClient is the client hypervisor built within with some management features from Citrix that make it easy to use. Installation is pretty simple…

1) Download the XenClient ISO image from
2) Install the ISO image on your laptop – NOTE: this will erase all content on your laptop so don’t use a machine with critical information
3) From here, I created three new Virtual Machines – Windows 7, Fedora 13, and Ubuntu 10.04
a) The Windows 7 VM has an extra step after installation to load the PV Drivers
b) I was able to pass thru the Wireless Network to each VM by connecting in the XenClient management screen before starting the VMs
c) Citrix is not officially supporting Linux on XenClient yet but it does work fine

Total time to get his up and running was less than an hour.  Go ahead try it for yourself and share your thoughts on the new XenClient Facebook group at!/XenClient.

One final comment, I am seeing an issue when trying to run the laptop in docked mode as the Dom0 management tool does not show up on my monitor; however, it works fine when not docked.

OpenNebula Position on OpenStack Announcement

I received this note from our friends at OpenNebula and thought I would post to a wider audience:

Dear OpenNebula Community,

As many of you know, a new open-source cloud platform, OpenStack, was
recently announced. Here at OpenNebula, we think this is a very
exciting development in the cloud community, and we’re glad to see so
many major players coalescing around an open-source solution. However,
we have also been concerned by the all the high-profile announcements
and opinion pieces that describe OpenStack as the first initiative for
the definition of an open architecture for IaaS cloud computing and a
“real” open-source project, criticizing some existing open-source
cloud projects as being “open-core” closed initiatives (in some cases
conflating “open-core” with “having an Enterprise edition”), and
pointing out their lack of extensibility and inability to efficiently
scale to manage tens of thousand of VMs. This is the reason why we
have decided to write the following post in order to clearly state our
position in order to avoid misunderstandings, particularly with our
growing community of users.

We would appreciate if you could distribute this post to your networks
and colleagues.


Ignacio, on behalf of the OpenNebula open-source project

Community Manager to Court…

As I noted earlier this week, I did my Jury Service on Monday only to be selected for a trial this Friday. I anticipate being out all day Friday for the trial so I will not be sending out a weekly newsletter; however I have been keeping track of the weekly emails and categorizing them at I don’t anticipate the trial taking more than 1 day so I should be back at work Monday morning.

Xen Related Job Available

Adventium Labs, a leading-edge, high technology research and development organization, has an opening for a research staff position in cyber security. Our particular interest is in someone who has expertise in virtualization, both the problems raised by virtualization and the opportunities for increased security presented by virtualization. We currently have several projects involving Xen.

Position Description
Join an experienced research team engaged in ongoing projects to enhance the security of the Xen hypervisor and to develop innovative security capabilities that reside on the enhanced Xen hypervisor.

Key Technical Skills of Interest
* Experience with Xen hypervisor internals
* Experience with x86_64 architecture and Linux OS kernel programming
* BS or BA in computer science or a related field and three years experience, or MS or Ph.D. in computer science or related field
* Experience with Xen internals, or experience with Linux kernel programming and strong interest in learning about Xen internals * US citizenship

About Adventium Labs
Adventium Labs is dedicated to performing and publishing scientific research and to the creation, maturation, and application of scientific results. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization to provide the freedom to work broadly with universities, technology partners and government entities. Headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota, Adventium Labs brings together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team with a proven record of innovative research, the realization of that research as usable prototypes, and the transition of the prototypes to operational use. Our clients include a number of high profile Government laboratories as well as Fortune 1000 companies.

Contact: Brian Isle, 612.720.4960 Manager Gets all Juried Up

This Monday, I will be taking part in that time honoured tradition in the United States of being a juror in our legal system. More info to those of you not familiar with this occasional requirement. I have no idea if I will be selected for a case or am just there should they need more potential jurors, however I anticipate being out Monday and back to work on Tuesday. Of course, I am not aware of any significant multi-month trial cases in my area so I don’t anticipate spending the next few months in a courtroom.

Xen Developer Email Discussion

As part of the new emphasis on exposing developer activities to the broader community, I plan to highlight a few xen-devel discussions every week on this blog to allow the community a better view of developer interaction. If you have any thoughts on this new activity please let me know.

  • Race condition in /etc/xen/scripts/block
    Bastian de Groot reports a problem when starting a VM from a dm-device which is setup by a script executed in the script /etc/xen/scripts/block. He is getting
    different results depending on where he places the setup script. James Harper responded that he has seen a similar problem based on the device being placed as primary or secondary. He then supplies a patch which solves this issue.
  • kernel BUG at drivers/xen/balloon.c:528
    Łukasz Oleś reports a problem when running the latest xen/next and includes the memory and register information. Jeremy Fitzhardinge asks if this is for a PV or HVM guest and Stefano Stabellini added that the bug is from a backend driver and he has already posted the fix. Łukasz Oleś responded with another problem he found but there is no response as of yet.