Monthly Archives: August 2010

Project ThreeEyes – Proposal Received

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Project ThreeEyes is the new effort to completely revamp the existing website. I have opened the process up for web development companies to bid on and have received the first bid from Accelerator Enterprise Technologies. Here are the main highlights of their proposal:


We firmly believe it’s time for to upgrade. We hereby propose a new system wherein is reshaped as the centralized portal for the various scattered resources by incorporating the following:

1) LAMP stacks installed on top of the very latest Xen software running on a server supplied by Citrix.

2) Drupal as core CMS and feed aggregator. Drupal will channel all Xen-related info through rather than forcing the user to look all over for it.

3) phpBB forum for community support. The mailing list will remain available for traditionalists, but forums are more effective in a larger community because everyone doesn’t get everyone else’s mail. Ideally, the forum is integrated with the mailing list.

4) OpenGrok to publish cross-referenced source code at at frequent, regular intervals.

5) All content routed through and globally searchable using Google Custom Search. The Google search engine will be kept apprised of content changes through automated sitemap generation.

6) Existing developer resources (source control, Bugzilla, LXR, mailing lists) remain as-is so the core development team can continue without interruption.

We recommend these strategies and technologies because of their open-source nature, best-in-class quality, robust support communities and suitability to the needs of the Xen site.


If you are interested in seeing the complete proposal then email me for a copy. I also plan to begin discussing this project on the xen-community mailing list to allow for community input. I look forward to having a great new site with community buy-in and support in creating the final deliverable.

Why Xen? Brochure Available

As part of the new Why Xen? document series, I am announcing the Why Xen? brochure for community use: here. Also available are the following:

As is standard, if you have any feedback or changes please let me know. I am also looking to get translated copies of these documents to reach a wider audience.

Re-License LIBXC under LGPL

From Ian Campbell:

As previously discussed we would like to relicense libxc under the LGPL.

We have now managed to track down all but one of the necessary contributors in order to make this change and all have given their OK to the change.

Due to the missing contributor (who we do not expect we will be able to find) we have taken the decision to remove the xc_ptrace functionality. It is currently unused, the last remaining user having been replaced by gdbsx. Should this code be required in the future it can be recovered from mercurial history and reinstated as a separate library.

There are two patches currently in review on xen-devel for this final change.

Xen Directions South America in 2 Weeks

Only 2 more weeks until Xen Directions South America at LinuxCon Brazil in Sao Paulo. Speakers include:

* Ian Pratt

* Marco Sinhoreli
* George Dunlap
* Liberie Cunha-Neto
* Rogerio Ferreira
* Antonio Pina
* Gunther Boeckmann
* Thiago Cordeiro
* Emanuel dos Reis Rodrigues
* Boris Quiroz
* Fabio King
* Heitor Medrado de Faria
* and me.

I look forward to 2 great days on Xen, XCP, Virtualization, Open Source, Cloud Computing, etc.