Monthly Archives: August 2011

XenSummit and ξένος : Thank You!

Just a quick note to say thank you to Amazon Web Services and Citrix a thank you for sponsoring XenSummit, to Mark Templeton for opening the summit, to all the speakers which kept our community captivated and to all the attendees of XenSummit – our Xen community. Without you, XenSummit would not have been as much fun: many good discussions took place, connections were made, friendships were built and of course lots of coffee and beer was consumed.

When Mark Templeton’s opened the summit he reminded us all that Xen comes from ξένος which means a “foreigner or traveler brought into a relationship of long distance friendship“, which is exactly how working in our open source community feels. Thank you to everybody again!

I was hoping that by now, I could post some of the presentations and videos. However the video data is still copying and only with luck will I be able to post one video this week. In any case, presentations and videos will be posted when I return to the UK. Be patient! I will also send out a survey to all attendees, such that next year XenSummit can even be better!

XenSummit Day 1 Photo Collage

The XenSummit party has just finished. Not much time to put a blog post together, but I wanted to share a photo collage with you. Thank you all for such a good day, and a thank you to Citrix and Amazon Web Services again for sponsoring the summit.

Videos and presentations will be posted over the next few weeks.