Moving Xen Sites to Rackspace

Rackspace Hosting has offered the community to host services. We have started migration last week and the expectation is that all services will be migrated by Nov the 21st. Most services will be migrated with little impact on our users.

Where there is an impact, there will be an announcement on the Xen mailing lists. Some services, such as have already been migrated.

New Wiki

We have a new MediaWiki instance at which is currently in testing. We will be retiring the old MoinMoin Wiki and make it read-only on Monday Nov 14th at 12:00 GMT. At this point, we will rename to For now, you can check out the new Wiki, create accounts, etc. Note that only some Wiki pages have been migrated so far, but all the pages which have been marked as important by the community will be migrated by Monday.

The expectation is that

  • Pages marked as “Keep” in this spreadsheet will be migrated by Monday
  • Pages marked as “Update”, “Merge” and “Unknown” will be migrated later
  • Pages marked as “Archive” will be migrated last
  • All other pages will not be migrated

However, you will be able to find

We intentionally do not want to wholesale migrate all content as so much is out-of-date. The move to the new Wiki will provide an oppurtunity for a fresh start.

We will be retiring support for LXR, because LXR has been removed from Debian Squeeze and we do have source browsing capabilities on the repository pages.

Other changes
Some services such as mailing lists and the wiki will be migrated, but we will not initially reskin them. In other words: you will find that the top-level menus and footers of the sites as well as the styling will be different. We will fix these when all the services have been migrated. If you find any other issues, please send an e-mail to

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