Welcome Home: Xen moves to a new home built by CloudAccess.net

In April, Xen unveiled a new community site at xenproject.org. Xen Project leaders worked closely with CloudAccess.net in the development of their new online home, built using Joomla.

CloudAccess.net is the official host of demo.joomla.org and one of the countless cloud-based companies that benefits from Xen technologies. Thousands of users launch free trials of the Joomla CMS through the company’s  platform every month and the Xen Hypervisor is at the center of it all. It’s the critical component that provisions compute and allows for Joomla application virtualization.

When the Xen Project needed a new, more collaborative home on the web, project leaders ultimately decided to build using Joomla. Lars Kurth, Community Manager, said that,  “in a nutshell, the Joomla back-end is a lot easier to use and to get started with than Drupal. That makes it ideal for a community site where you want volunteers to be able to do contribute.” Lars also added that “Joomla is relatively intuitive when you need to figure out how to get stuff done.”

Mark Hinkle said that “CloudAccess.net is in the unique position of having a strong hosting presence combined with an intimate knowledge of the Joomla! CMS + Application Framework, developer ecosystem and the Joomla! open source community.” He further commented that “we chose CloudAccess.net for numerous projects because of their broad knowledge and their dedication to supporting the underlying open source community as well as their skill at developing interactive websites that foster participation from the users of those sites.”

CloudAccess.net CEO Gary Brooks commented that “we were very excited to work with Xen on this project. We obviously share similar open source values and we both contribute to open source collaborative communities. Without Xen, our company wouldn’t exist. We’re defining what we think ‘cloud’ means, and Xen produces the technologies that drive our highly available, scalable applications. We are the prime example of what’s possible with Xen, a poster child of sorts.”

About the author: Ryan Bernstein is the Chief Operating Officer at CloudAccess.net and an adjunct professor of composition and public speaking at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan.

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About Ryan Bernstein

Ryan "Bernie" Bernstein is a Content Manager, Technical Writer and Joomla Trainer at CloudAccess.net. He gets to teach Joomla to new users every day. Bernie is also a professor of composition and public speaking in the Communications Department at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan.